Review: Super Switch Pro Controller Shell Swap Smash Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewed by Zonark, posted May 5, 2019
Ever wanted to make your switch pro controllers more appealing to the eye? Love Smash Brothers? Want to keep the Procontrollers original feel but dont want to break the bank? This shell replacement is for you!
May 5, 2019
  • Publisher: Super Switch
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
I present you the Super Switch Shell Replacement Smash Brothers Edition. The best Shell replacement I've ever experienced.
Want to change the look of your pro controller and don't want to spend $80 on another Pro controller?

This smash brothers themed shell replacement is the perfect candidate for your pro controller.


Not only does it allow you to keep full use of the controller unlike after market controllers that don't have amiibo support. The shell literally keeps all insides of the pro controller intact and accessible while changing the cosmetic appearance of the controller. Its been the perfect 'Switch" for my pro controller. Not only does it still feel like the original controller, it keeps everything functional. With it's Precise cutout it maintains 100% of the originals controller size, not adding addition bulk at all to the unit.

Its incredibly easy to assemble this shell as well, All you have to do is use a small Philips head (+) screw driver and your off on your way. Swap the insides out and the ABXY, if you wish too, or leave the original ABXY inside to create a darker looking controller, replace the screws back and your good to go.

I honestly really suggest using this shell replacement as it looks great and feels great.

Thanks for taking the time to view my review.

If your wanting to get one for yourself please use the link below

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+ Low Cost
+ High Quality
+ Easy installations
+ Exact cutouts shell feels 100% genuine
- No instructions inside the box.
- Not traditional Reflective paint for Smash emblem
10 Lasting Appeal
I have currently had this controller shell replacement for over 4 months and have used it often with no defects in build or wearing away of letters.
out of 10
This shell replacement given the cost and the durability of it are perfect for a daily driver. Not only is it cosmetically appealing it is down right perfect for separating multiple controllers and keeping the original funtions and features of the pro controller.