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The 10-games limitation the original Sky3DS cart used to have was easily one of its biggest shortcomings, so I was happy to hear that it's gone in this new revision and I was excited to try it out.
The Sky3DS flashcart was met with mixed feelings by the community. On one hand, the cart supports all 3DS models and firmwares, including the New 3DS, as well as online play. On the other, it had a controversial 10 games per cartridge limit (which has since been broken), making it more of a multicart than a flashcart. The new revision of Sky3DS, often referred to as the "Blue Button" version, goes away with that limitation and allows the users to flash as many games as they want. How does it fare in practice though? Read on and find out!

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Sky3DS Rev.2 (Blue Button)
Developed by: Sky3DS Team
Available at:, and other resellers (list of official resellers)
Review by Foxi4 – Completed 16/01/15


The original Sky3DS was an unexpected competitor to the previously unmatched Gateway flash kit, however it used a much different approach towards launching backups. Rather than using a particular exploit in the system, the Sky3DS team opted for attempting to emulate the behaviour of an original 3DS cartridge, thus gaining compatibility on all 3DS firmwares. This came with its shortcomings such as no built-in menu, no native homebrew support, no EmuNAND, no region unlocking and, perhaps most importantly, a rather controversial 10 games per cartridge limitation (which has since been broken on the red button cartridges). What it did was simplifying the process of launching back-ups, making it as much "Plug & Play" as possible, and it did so well. This revision of the Sky3DS flashcart goes away with that last limitation, letting you launch as many 3DS games as your heart desires, which is a huge step forwards for the Sky3DS team. How well does it fare in practice though?

Shipping and Packaging

Review image

The Sky3DS flashcart in its new packaging

Much like last time the cart was shipped via DHL, protected by a bubble wrap-lined envelope and its signature cardboard and blister box with a flap, featuring *cough cough* familiar-looking robots. I'll spare you an unboxing video as the contents would really be identical to last time, the only difference is that the team used different *cough cough* completely original artwork *wink*. The packaging is very convenient, easy to open and re-usable - so far so good.

The Card Itself

Review image Review image

Front and back of the cartridge; some visible imperfections on the grill, they did not impede the use of the device

As far as the quality of the product is concerned, not much has changed. The plastic used is the same and the only visible differences from the previous cartridge are the blue button instead of a red one and a different sticker. The plastic casing shows some imperfections on the grill, however they did not impede the flashcart's use in any way. The lip of the cartridge features the SD slot (once again not spring-loaded), a blue LED light which signifies SD access and the blue button used to switch games. I'd say the cartridge is on-par with similar products on the market, there isn't a lot to complain about.


Review image

DiskWriter v1.05's main menu

Once again the cartridge is mostly Plug & Play in nature and doesn't require any effort on the 3DS side of things - any worries about SysNAND, EmuNAND, patching and the like are none of your concern if you own a Sky3DS. The initial and only setup you have to go through is flashing the games onto an SD card using Sky3DS' DiskWriter and it's smooth sailing from there on out. The DiskWriter tool has been updated significantly since the original review, so I will write in more length about its use.

The DiskWriter tool as well as template files that go with it can be found on the Sky3DS' website in the Downloads section and are required to flash games onto SD cards. The most current version of the software are DiskWriter v1.05 and template0112.txt and those are the versions that will be described below. DiskWriter does not require any installation - all you have to do to use it is download it.

Before proceeding to use the software, make sure that you also have the latest template file and that you're running the DiskWriter with administrative privileges. You can either right-click on the file and run it as an Administrator each time you wish to use it or you can set it to always run the program as an Administrator by right-clicking on the executable, selecting properties and checking the "Always Run as Administrator" checkbox in the compatibility tab. While you're there, you may also want to select compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3 - I have not encountered any issues with the DiskWriter software using those settings, so I stick to them.

Review image 

Drive selection screen

Once DiskWriter opens, you will be greeted with a screen that lets you choose the SD reader you'll be using to flash games with - select it and proceed. If the SD card used wasn't previously formatted with DiskWriter, the software will warn you that the drive you're using is not formatted correctly.

Review image

The initial drive formatting warning screen - don't panic!

Clicking OK will take you to DiskWriter's main menu from which you can format your SD card accordingly. The Sky3DS flashcart does not support Drag & Drop or conventional file systems, any SD card used with the flashcart has to be formatted by DiskWriter before use, so keep that in mind if you're storing anything of importance on your card. Formatting, among other features, is available in the File menu.

Review image

The File menu listing all of DiskWriter's functions

With the SD card prepared for use, it's time to select the template file you've downloaded. Normally DiskWriter defaults to whichever template.txt file is in the same directory as the writer, however you can manually select the template you want to use by opening the Options menu and clicking on the Change Template option.

Review image

The options menu - here you can select the template file you're going to use

This is a pretty convenient change from the last DiskWriter version, as it saves users time spent on renaming and copy-pasting templates. DiskWriter will remember the last template you've selected, so be sure to always use the latest template available if you run into any issues.

Review image

Header mismatch warning

Now that the DiskWriter environment is set up and ready to go, it's time to write some games onto your SD card. To do so, open the File menu again and select the write option. If you are using a clean ROM, a warning will pop up telling you that the header information of the ROM does not match the information found in the template - this is normal, click "Yes" and the utility will patch the game accordingly. Once the image is fully flashed to the SD card, it is ready to play.

Review image

DiskWriter's progress bar

As you've probably noticed from the previous screenshots, DiskWriter now shows not only the Title ID's, but also the names of images you've written to your SD card, which is a huge improvement over the guesswork that was required to operate previous versions. At present the DiskWriter utility is capable of writing up to 31 games per SD card with no maximum limit of games playable per flashcart. In addition to writing and deleting ROM's the DiskWriter utility can also be used to backup whole games lists (File -> Backup/Restore Games) and their save data (File -> Backup/Restore Save Data) as well as optimizing the SD card in order to make the best use of the available space.

Review image

Options available for individual games can be accessed by right-clicking on them

Should you wish to backup, restore or delete individual games or save files rather than the entirety of the SD card, right-clicking on the listed items will allow you to do so.

Review image

The Sky3DS and its blue LED

Once your games are flashed to your SD card, all that's left to do is insert the SD card into the flashcart, insert the flashcart into your 3DS and... enjoy! The blue LED light on the cartridge should start blinking and the cartridge should load the first game on the list. Switching games is a matter of clicking the button and waiting a couple of seconds - it really couldn't be any more simple.

Now that the kit is ready for action, it's time for our favourite part - testing!

Compatibility Testing

Testing was performed on a New 3DS XL on the latest firmware available to date (9.4.0-21E).

  • Animal Crossing (EUR) - PASS
  • Bravely Default (EUR)PASS
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirrors of Fate (EUR) PASS
  • Dead or Alive: Dimensions (EUR) - PASS
  • Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (EUR)PASS
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (EUR)PASS
  • Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns (EUR)PASS
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (EUR)PASS
  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (EUR) - PASS
  • Mario Kart 7 (EUR) - PASS (Including Online)
  • Mario Party: Island Tour (EUR)PASS
  • Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater (EUR)PASS
  • Naruto: Powerful Shippuden (EUR)PASS
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star (EUR)PASS
  • Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (EUR)PASS
  • Pokemon Art Academy (EUR) - PASS
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby (EUR) - PASS (Including Online)
  • Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D (EUR)PASS
  • Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure (EUR)PASS
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited (EUR)PASS
  • Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor: Overclocked (EUR)PASS
  • Super Mario 3D Land (EUR)PASS
  • Super Pokemon Rumble (EUR)PASS
  • Super Smash Bros for 3DS (EUR) - PASS (Including Online)
  • Tales of the Abyss (EUR)PASS
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (EUR)PASS
  • Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (EUR) - PASS


The new revision of the Sky3DS cartridge can be summed up easily by saying that it's everything the old revision was and more. While it doesn't offer a robust function set of the likes of Gateway, it does offer a seamless, plug & play, simple to use, firmware-independent, 100% compatible and online-capable method of booting all of your 3DS backups. My only concern regarding the Sky3DS is whether it will prove to be future-proof, as it doesn't seem to run any software component aside from the DiskWriter. One could speculate whether or not it could be blocked by Nintendo in future firmware updates, however as it stands today, it operates perfectly fine on latest firmware - bah, even on Nintendo's latest New 3DS XL, and so far it's the only flashcart to date that does.


UPDATE (17.01.2015)The Sky3DS is now capable of running games Region Free thanks to our friendly coder @smealum via his Regionthree launcher, available here.


What We Liked ...
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Online-capable
  • Compatible with latest firmware to date
  • Compatible with the New 3DS
What We Didn't Like ...
  • No built-in menu
  • No native homebrew support (aside from NINJHAX by smealum, only available on consoles up to FW 9.2)
  • No built-in region lock circumvention (Region Free available via Regionthree by smealum, see update)
  • Not compatible with eShop titles
out of 10


The new Sky3DS is a product worth recommending, more so than the original which was limited to only 10 games. With that limitation out of the equation, a Sky3DS is definitely worth the expense if all you're really interested in is playing 3DS games. It's a great Plug & Play solution that really takes the load off the user. There's no worrying about updating SysNAND by accident, using exploits or patching games manually to go online - you just put the games on it and they work, and if that's what you want, you want a Sky3DS.
I am still confused about the whole online functionality.
So it just uses public headers or does each Sky3ds comes with a unique header?
The headers are modified by DiskWriter as you flash games onto your SD card, the "unique" cartridge ID's are stored in the template file and can be changed if needs be. It's a lot like converting from .3ds to .3dz, except without the user's active paticipation - it's all automated.
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Its automated, so they use readily available headers?
Meaning 2 people can end up with the same header?

I MOSTLY use my own dumps, if not then I use the header of one of my game and use it on another game when converting to .3dz. But the headers I use are MINE only.
More than two. Everyone who uses the template ends up with the same headers for specific ROM's, but as a user you're free to make your own template if you feel like it. Why? Are you worried about Nintendo bans? None have popped up yet, neither on Sky's cards nor on Gateway's.
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All the 3DS I have have capture board installed. So I woudnt risk for anything lol.
I got gateway anyway but just inquiring about sky3ds :) In case I need to get one, when I buy the N3DS with capture card(whenever released)
ShawnTRods I've always wanted to solder one of those to my 3DS, but the fact that it's USB and not HDMI has always made me wait for a better solution. Are there any PC-independent capture cards available yet or do you still have to pass through a PC to get the video output out?
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I know it's different depending on the micro SD card, but could you tell us how long it takes to switch games and what is you micro SD card? Thx for the great review! :)
Foxi4 You still need a computer to record unfortunately.
Loopy had a HDMI version at some point, but apparently USB is much more convenient for the faster data transfer rate.
LuigiBro I've added a link to the official reseller list to the top of the review for convenience, have a look and pick one close to your location.

ShawnTRods That's a shame, really. I wonder if one could repurpose one of those tiny PC's like a Raspberry Pi to work as an integrated pass-through... huh... I'm getting clever ideas here! :P
Thanks for a great review. But is 100 % game compatibility correct? Games over 2 gb like dkcr3d aren't as far as I know. If they do work I will buy a blue cart:)
SLiV3R I've played games way past the 2GB mark, for instance MGS:3D (4GB) just fine. Dunno where you got that info from but it's incorrect. ;)
Is there an American compatibility list somewhere? Because I don't give two shits about the "EUR" console, since I don't have one. Also, this was a really nice and thorough review, but a few weeks overdue.
You can edit the Template with your own headers (if you know how) If you dump your own games, you can open the rom in a hex editor to get the correct info to edit in your own template, then you have to remove the header of your own dump (like scene releases).

So you can have a file "template.txt" and "owntemplate.txt" (or whatever you want, it's just for example) template is the template from the website from sky3ds and owntemplate is your own template with your own modified info in it (basicly it's a copy of the original template and just the games you like to play online have modified info, so sky3ds diskwriter writes the correct header for online play to it.

It's the same as on Gateway, everybody that download a 3dz file will play with the same header, unless you rip it yourself and use your own header with it, same for sky3ds, the online games that sky3ds supports will be used by everybdoy with the same header, if you rip your own games and modify the template to your own, you play with your own headers only.

The biggest problem is, figuring out what you need from your rom dump and what you have to edit in the template, Sky3ds does not tell us how to make your own template files, there are some posts here on gbatemp on how to modify the template for online play in games that sky3ds do not support yet, or to use your own header info

About, the time for switching games, on my 8GB class4 microsd it takes about 10 seconds, but on my 32GB Class10 it takes around 5 seconds, it depends also on the size of the game
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Jayro The games will work just as well on a US console, you just need to download US ROM's. The only problem you can ever have with Sky is an online error which is easily mendable by changing the cart ID in the template (or wait for a new template). The games tested were EUR because that's the region of my 3DS. The review took a while because I needed to procure ROM's for testing. ;)
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DjoeN, thanks for the SD info, I'll be using a class 10 card, a Samsung 32GB EVO SDHC. Still on the fence about this cart, or a Gateway, since I'm a 2DS owner, and just want to play 3DS ROMS, nothing else.
Tested it again on 32GB class 10, it takes between 4 to 7 seconds to switch game (depending on the size of the game), switching between pokemon alpha saphire and pokemon x took 4 seconds
Switching between Harverst moon to Kirby Triple Deluxe took 6 seconds (wierd cause there smaller in size)

- Sandisk Ultra 32GB class 10 MicroSD HC I (the where cheap awhile ago on ibood for 2 pieces)

I would not say 100% compatibility for Sky3DS, i read that ppl have problems with games, but others don't with the same game, if or myself have only faced 1 problem with Disney's Magical World.
This games does once and awhile suddenly freeze, not often and it's random

Another problem that pops up is a bigger problem, but i read that gateway also has this sometimes and that is when you put your system in sleep mode and back out of it, with some games this give a black screen and the only way to get out of it is to power off your system by holding the power button BUT on sky3ds you can sometimes get out of it by removing the sky3ds, you wil get a notice about the game being removed from the slot, then press home
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cheer for every break through for SKY3DS Which first bring us 3ds games on 9.4, and now no game limit, the next step will be region free or both support 3ds games and ds games in one cart? or both... :toot:
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DjoeN The games launch, therefore they're compatible. Random freezing can be caused by a number of factors from the SD used to sleep mode issues or random bugs, so I'm unwilling to write anything but 100% when everything I tested on my setup worked admirably. ;)
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Region Free is not native, it's only using smealum's application to achieve it. It's not developed by Sky3DS, so all credit goes to smealum. The same applies to homebrew via NINJHAX.
Hmm so according to the update in your article it does in fact play nice with region three?

Also is Ninjahax the only conceivable way to run homebrew for the foreseeable future? I was at an awkward firmware (8. something or other) so I basically had to choose between homebrew and region free and opted for region free.
Firion Hope It sounds like downgrading with a Gateway would be a better solution for you if you want both. I'm afraid that NINJHAX is currently the only way to run homebrew on a Sky3DS, at least until another game exploit is found.

Regionthree works fine with Sky3DS, although I only tested it with one game so far. It's a bit awkward to use and very likely to be patched soon, so you might want to refrain from updating for the time being.
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Thanks for the prompt response! I would like both but I always have PSP or PC for emulators so it's no biggy. And cool to know they work together. I definitely don't plan on upgrading without knowing it's safe.

Also of course, great review! When I get one I'll nab it from the site that supports gbatemp (they had the nicest layout anyway)
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  • Reason: english only
I ordered one of these from .. Was told 2-4 days as I'm in the UK and that it will ship from London.
It took 8 days, seems it was shipped from China to London and then posted out using Royal Mail recorded which is good... But when I got my parcel and opened it, there was no flash cart inside! Just empty packaging. I have emailed them various times and it's now been about 25 hours, and I've had no replies!
I'm gutted and annoyed :(
Thought they would at least just send out another asap or refund me... And can then buy from a trusting site.
Anyone know of a good site in UK that sells these please?

That's terrible, Bloodangel! I hope you'll be able to sort this out somehow. Try trusted resellers, like our sponsor, If I were you, I'd also e-mail the Sky3DS team - is listed as a trusted seller and clearly they cannot be trusted if they're avoiding you and sending you empty parcels. I really do hope it was just a mistake on their part and that you'll get your cartridge shortly. ;)
Hi foxi4, I emailed them but had no reply. I emailed sky3ds and they got into new3dscard too and also said they will remove new3dscard from their resellers list if they don't sort it with me.
I again emailed new3dscard last night and I had a reply from them this morning ... They wasn't happy with me been angry and posting negative posts about them, but the said they was considering sending me another sky3ds... At last I will get my cart :)

They was very understanding in their email and I understand why they was annoyed at it.... But I was just sad at paying out and not getting my item.

But others who say they don't reply back in emails, they do reply back.
Also after emailing other sellers of the sky3ds, it's true that new3dscard are indeed the faster delivery as others quoted 10-15 days. New3dscard are the only ones who say 2-4 or 2-5 days... So I personally do recommend
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Ah that is awesome that its region free but sucks that it doesn't work with eshop titles. As a person who's game collection is about 80% digital, would have to wait for gateway in order for me to transfer them over to an sd so they will work on my New 3DS through Gateway once presumably the update is released?
I have a japanese New 3DS, so, since according to the FAQs on Smealum's site, RegionThree does not work on New 3DS models, I assume I would still be region-locked with a Sky3DS?

I have a hard time to decide whether I should go for a Sky3DS now or wait for a new Gateway firmware...
how is the quality of blue button, does it stay the same way after long time use? does it get dislodged or anything?
Thanks Foxi4 for the review. A couple of questions:
- While the cart is said not compatible with the eShop, does it mean I cannot download from the eShop to it, or that even if I flash an eShop game it won't work?
- What about DLC?
- Can the LED on the cart be deactivated? The 3DS's battery life isn't stellar, and I assume anything that can be saved would be welcome.
- Any insights on your console's battery life with this cart? Is it similar to commercial game carts?
- Could you elaborate on what a "template" file is? I don't quite get it from the review nor comments. Is it a collection of "descriptions" of the games on the flashcart? Or an overall collection of descriptions, some of which get used by the flashcart?
- Why do games have to be patched to be used?
Thanks for any light you may shed on these questions!!
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eShop games can be downloaded from the eShop and played on the system, but eShop backups will not work. The LED cannot be disabled, but it doesn't influence the battery life significantly, I'd say the battery life is about the same as with a normal cartridge. A template file is a text file containing information necessary to boot games that isn't present in scene releases, the games autopatch in DiskWriter specifically to inject that information. :)
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BlackDog61 DLC should work perfectly fine, the only thing you need to take care of these days is to make sure that your Online ID is private to avoid an online ban. There's several guides and tools that can help you adjust your template accordingly. ;)
If a new 3DS update comes out that disbles the use of the Sky3ds and you decide no tu update your system, Is there any way you can play online?
What happens if you press the blue button during gameplay?
I don't know if up to date firmware is required for online, I do know it's required for updates though. Pressing the button during gameplay results in ejecting the cartridge.
My crystal ball is quiet in this regard, but Sky3DS team swears it will. :P If Nintendo changes the cartridges somehow then it probably won't, but you can keep your findgers crossed. ;)
  • Deleted by Veho
I'd like to share my experience with 3dscarduk here. I placed an order on the evening of 8 March 2015 UK time. I chose them mainly because it is shown on their website that they have stock in the UK and the delivery time is 2 to 4 days only. The status of the order was shortly changed from pending to payment success and then to UK warehouse processing. Then there was no update at all for 2 days until 10 March when I read from here some negative feedback about them (3dscarduk = I then emailed (on 10 March) and demanded to know the latest status of my order and told them that if item had not been shipped or would not be shipped by lunchtime 11 March, I'd cancel my order and claim a refund.

I got an email reply from them early in the morning on 11 March telling me that the card was shipped. I got the card today (13 March 2015)

Overall the delivery was quick. However the item was NOT dispatched from UK at all. It was sent by Airmail from China. And judged by the working hours of the customer service (emails from them were all sent around midnight or very early in the morning UK time), I think it is more likely that they are largely based in Hong Kong than in the UK.

Airmails from HK to UK can be very quick and the average time is 2-4 days so it is not unacceptable. Overall their service is not bad although of course not super responsive. Of course people buying from them would perhaps expect some UK-based stock which would allow them to have the card within 1 or 2 days. Just to make a comparison, I ordered my SD card one day later from a true UK based website and got it today as well so 3dscarduk is doing relatively well.

If they had been more truthful about their location and service on their website they'd be an excellent reseller. But the fact that they tried to lie in order to win customers over really put a question on their reliability. Airmails from abroad do of course mean more risks and potential delays. They really need to let their customers know what to expect.
hi i just want to ask if its safe to buy SKY3DS on because there the only one i can find that is selling on a lower price(which is good) because other sites its 100$ to 120$ but on its 75.90$ only.
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Hi aware that there are a lot of dodgy sellers for sky3ds. 120 is way too much for 110 dollar you shud receive a tested product with 8 gig sd card and sd card usb adaptor. Anyone who is interested in sky3ds from the UK contact me for reliable resellers as I have bought one and is absolutely flawless!
Hi All,

I have just started selling version 2 of the sky3ds cart. All products from me will be tested before shipping. I will be shipping from the UK only.

Please drop me a PM if you are interested.
Hey everyone, i just wanted to ask. since i got really good offer on N3DS majora mask edition, that i bought it without a hesitation, but since i though the handheld is a handheld there wouldnt be any troubles. but upon further inspection and searching in the web, i found out about region locking, its a shame since im moving overseas to asia from europe, which means most of the cartridges i would buy wont work.
so here's the question: would it matter for nintendo if i would use this chip for playing region locked games on my console(if the smelaum method will work on n3ds) and then playing on normal cartridges bought in europe? i have contacted them already but they just redirected me to the european support crew, that didnt even bothered to answer. thank you
Let me share my experience with this sky3ds card (with blue button) and see if you all have the same behaviour:

I was first very pleased how it was easy to copy games on an microSD, put it then on the sky3D and afterwards initialise games by pressing on the blue button, etc.)

I easily switched from 1 game to another by just pressing on the famous blue button -> so far so good BUT what I did not realise is that indeed:
The 10 first game IDs are store in a Write Once intern memory, so it is not possible to change them with other games and I know, this card is said to accept more than 10 games and it does but then, the card reacts very differently; it just shows the other games and then swap automatically to the next!

I first though it was a defect microSD and tested with 2 others but the same behaviour.
Then, I made a full check of the microSD card to see if it is not defect or a fake -> it is a real with no error.

Hummmm, then I though it was the roms and tested with others -> always the same.

Finally, I mixed some other games with my 10 first games and here I got the sky3ds card continuously swapping until it came on 1 of my first 10 games and stopped here, then pressed the blue button and here we go again with automatic swapping from game to game -> this is very annoying and makes it nearly unusable.

I toke the time to read a bit of literature and read from that if this arrives (and I suppose it arrives to everybody), I 'just' have to press the blue button when the game I want to play shows. Re hummmmm, so indeed, I tested it and it stops swapping and I can start the game by pressing the 'A' button but wait, it is not finished, how can I not terminate the game and come to the next game? By removing the card and reinserting it again and most of the time it skip the next game and goes the the next+1.

So, sorry but this is to complex to use and not souple enough but I still hope that I missed something here, that's why I share this with you.

Did you find an easier way? Did you experience the same?

Thank you in advance for the info
fredobedo007 I'm afraid that you've purchased a Sky 3DS from a faulty batch, that's not how the blue button card is supposed to function. You may have gotten a red button PCB in a blue button case, which would explain why the cartridge is autoscrolling. You should probably return it, but if you're willing to put up with the autoscroll, the way to circumvent it is to use a second SD card with 10 games that are not the ones you've first used on the flashcart. You should also convert the ROMs to EEPROM NO in order to allow them to properly save. The cartridge will autoscroll through the SD contents, you can stop the scroll by holding the button and quickly selecting the game as far as I remember. I would personally return the cartridge though, it's not the revision that you ordered, so I'd consider it faulty.
Thank you Foxi4 for the information,
I will contact the support and see if I can get another card.
I'll keep you informed.

Kind regards
fredobedo007 You are not the only one! I am right now experiencing the same issue. Two weeks ago, I bought from (Madrid, Spain) a "supposedly" blue-button Sky3DS, but as yours, it is instead an old red-button with the packaging a plastic parts of a new one. Blue-button Sky3DS should never do auto-scroll. Mine does it with every rom which is not of the first ten written. And so, I have to press the Sky3DS button and bear the annoying flashing light... I have just returned the card by mail to the store. I hope they will "notice" the error and exchange it. But the cost of the postal shipping and the days (several) without beeing able to use it, they won't ever be paid...
from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thank you all for your support; I followed your advise and sent my Sky3DS back to the seller, they send me a new one and indeed, this one works like a charm, no problem at all, I can put how many games I like and they don't swap after the 10th game.

Thank you again for your precious feedback,

Kind regards
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Well, this 31 roms limit is a little bit annoying. Ok, you can add more roms to the "reserve" section, but this isn't accessible on the 3DS. You have to push roms from the "positive" part to "reserve" and vice versa. Wish it had a menu where we could select the game by the name. But all in all it's a great card, and I love it!
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I do not quite understand in English, but i use a translator. Can someone explain me? Can I rewrite all the games on the same microSD and the same Sky3DS cartridge? Do I need to buy another Sky3DS to play another games, or microSD card?
I'm not sure where else to post this..but here goes. I have a sky3ds blue button 32GB Sandisk SD card and 2 months ago I got to revert my N3DS back to 9.2 sysnand so now that I don't need a sky3ds, I thought that if I formatted the sd card back to Fat32 everything would go back to normal and I'd get to use that sd card as a backup for my N3DS except for after I formatted it, instead of having 32GB of space, I now have 480KB. What should I do?
I'm not sure where else to post this..but here goes. I have a sky3ds blue button 32GB Sandisk SD card and 2 months ago I got to revert my N3DS back to 9.2 sysnand so now that I don't need a sky3ds, I thought that if I formatted the sd card back to Fat32 everything would go back to normal and I'd get to use that sd card as a backup for my N3DS except for after I formatted it, instead of having 32GB of space, I now have 480KB. What should I do?
Use DiskWriter to return the SD to its normal state. ;)
It's definitely in DiskWriter under File, but if all else fails for you, just delete both partitions from the SD in Windows via Disk Management (My Computer -> Right-Click-> Manage), create a new primary one and format that. The SD didn't become smaller, it was just divided into sections, one of which is not recognized by the OS.
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