Review: Secretlab TITAN (Hardware)

Reviewed by Prans Dunn, posted Sep 16, 2018
Sep 16, 2018
As our quest to identify the most comfortable furniture to rest your gluteal muscles on while engrossed in video games continues, we come across the Secretlab TITAN. Have a seat and let’s learn more about what this competitor in the gaming chair market has to offer!
Prans Dunn



Delivered safely and quickly in a humongous box (85cm x 71cm x 37cm), the Secretlab TITAN gave quite the impression while still in the box. The sample TITAN model generously provided by Secretlab is of Ash color and my views will reflect upon this sample type in particular. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the Secretlab team for the review opportunity!



And true to its name, after being unboxed and assembled, the whole chair itself looks titanic. Standing at about 140cm and weighing around 35kg, the TITAN gives off an air of authority unlike anything I have seen when it comes to a gaming chair, moreso with the Ash colored variant. This option perfectly compliments the TITAN’s sleek and discreet look.



A detailed specs sheet, should you need more information

Indeed, for a gaming chair, the TITAN could easily be confused for a head honcho’s executive throne. No flashy bright colors, RGB lighting (is that a thing in gaming chairs too?) or excessively massive self-promoting logo can be found on this chair, as you can see in the pictures below. I have to say that my pictures don’t do the actual product justice as the TITAN looks even more elegant in real life.


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Given the product’s build, it is not a surprise that it has been designed for a heavier and taller demographic with a recommended user’s height of 175-200 cm and supporting a maximum load of 130 kg. Being 180 cm tall myself, the chair feels very comfortable to sit on whenever I use it for gaming or regular computer use for hours on and the PU leather upholstery does not feel remarkably hot or uncomfortable with extended use.

There is a whole process to the foam padding that provides this feel-good sensation once sat on. In its reviewer’s guide, Secretlab reveals that it actually uses the cold-curing process which is usually the go-to method for seat production in the automobile and theatre industry. This process creates foam with greater comfort, resilience, durability and resistance to ageing than other methods; hence the premium quality, feel and comfort that the TITAN delivers.


For further comfort, the TITAN also comes with a pleasant neck pillow and one of its best features: the integrated adjustable lumbar support. The latter dismisses the need for a separate lumbar cushion altogether by allowing the user to adjust the lumbar curve to his/her fit via a knob on the side. It’s a discrete and effective technology that I hope will be implemented in future Secretlab chairs or any other office/gaming chair for that matter.


In the TITAN, Secretlab integrated “4D adjustable armrests”, which basically means one can configure each armrest left, right, angled left, angled right, front, backwards, up, down with the appropriate switches. The backrest can also be reclined all the way back, but not to a full 180°. Should you need that, go find a bed instead! Of course, as with most desk chairs, this one has a lever to adjust the height and a sturdy wheel base. I found the latter to keep the whole thing quite in place and required an extra effort from me to overcome the inertia to move it around. And all of those adjustments can be performed via the appropriate switches, all within arm’s reach.


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It's all about that switch (not the Nintendo one...)

However, as is all too common in our imperfect world, there are some downsides to the TITAN. For one, the price might be prohibitive. At an MSRP of €500, the Secretlab TITAN is as costly as, if not more, than a current-gen PC/console. However, at the time of writing, there is an ongoing Autumn sale with 24% discount, slashing the price down to €379. If it’s not going to get any lower, now’s the time to buy it.

The assembling process can prove to be quite lengthy with its several parts and heavy weight. It took me alone around 40 min between identifying the parts and pausing the very instructive official video. While fixing the backrest to the seatbase, some of the pre-inserted bolts (not sure about the exact terminology here) came off and could not be put back. But they don’t seem to be of much use, save for maybe reducing friction and rub of the screw with the upholstery. Not deal-breaking and definitely not noticeable once assembled, but I thought I’d mention it nonetheless.


Not A Secret

No, it's not a secret that I really like the Secretlab TITAN. It is definitely the most comfortable seat that has accommodated my spine and rear and it will be challenging to find something better. If you can afford it, I can’t recommend it any more. For its price you’ll get a very high quality product with just enough features to suit your needs and nothing extra to make it look and feel obnoxiously game-y. While mainly aiming for a gamer demographic, its use is nevertheless perfectly suited to anyone who uses a seat heavily for hours on from a student to a graphic designer. The company also offers great after-sales service, with a very responsive and helpful team willing to help you in any relevant way.

+ Premium quality look, feel and finish
+ Very comfortable
+ Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support
+ Robust build
+ Discrete and elegant
+ Helpful and responsive support team
- Pricey
out of 10
Discrete yet feature-heavy, elegant yet comfortable, desirable yet pricey; Secretlab does not pull any punches when it comes to comfort, quality, looks and cost.


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