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Reviewed by Brandon Boui, posted Aug 10, 2013
I always love a good hack and slash game, and I've played every Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors revision to date.
Aug 10, 2013
  • Release Date (NA): March 27, 2011
  • Publisher: Tecmo Koei
  • Genres: Hack-n-slash, action
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
Samurai Warriors Chronicles is Tecmo Koei's newest hack-and-slash adventure, for the new Nintendo 3DS. Like any one of the Warriors titles, it involves killing lots and lots of enemies. Does it stand up to its name, or is it another Warriors adventure rehash of the same content?
Brandon Boui
The Story
Chronicles puts you in the shoes of a nameless general. You will name him or her in the beginning, don't worry. It's only odd to have a general named Brandon rampaging through Sengoku-era Japan. This general is learning the meaning of ambition and pretty much ventures all over Japan, seeking battles to test his or her valor on the battlefield. This game is actually interesting. Unlike previous games, this title focuses solely on the development of the main character and his or her allies, rather than a bland and colorless adventure story mode like previous titles. The new feature that I love that really develops the main character's relationship is the side-conversation feature at the end of each battle. The answers you choose to these questions shape your destiny and what path you will follow.
The Warriors formula has been spiced up a bit this time around. You focus mainly on one character, and you are also given three other ones per stage. Using the Nintendo 3DS's touch screen, you can immediately switch to any other general, and access his point of view. It gives the battle a lot more depth and ways to work. Unfortunately the downside of it is that you now have to strategize a little bit. In NO way is it in depth strategy like Warcraft's DotA, or as crazy as competitive Pokemon, but the formula changed a good amount.
Chronicles, and any Samurai Warriors game, uses "missions" to progress through battle. While Dynasty Warriors is all about securing your main leader and protecting him, Samurai Warriors is more free and allows you to complete missions to advance the battle. It can range from killing this guy, to escorting this guy. Sometimes it gets bland, but it's overall enjoyable. However, in this game only, failing missions will bring you a load of hurt, so be sure to finish these missions as much as you can. Not completing missions will swamp you and your army with a ton of reinforcements and bad luck. Is Koei's attitude here nothing more than schadenfreude?
In a nutshell, here is the new Warriors formula as a math equation:
A+B = C
2A+B+C = D
Graphics this time around are more streamlined and fluid. It is about on par with Nintendo Wii's Samurai Warriors 3, if not better. It is certainly better than the PSP version. Videos and cutscenes are beautiful and with the 3D enabled, it offers a lot more depth and pops out at just the right ways. It's something to experience rather than read about. No, it's not as great as the PS3, but for a handheld, it's very enjoyable.
One problem I had with it is the bland backgrounds. It would be better if they changed certain features. Sometimes, a tree would be the same color as the ground, and it looks kind of boring and dull. I'm still looking for my cherry blossoms! :(
Music and Sounds
Music is a tad repetitive after a while, but it still sounds pleasing to the ears. Sounds are crisp and not tinny like previous games. Personally though the music has never been an issue with the games, and the team at Tecmo Koei still finds ways to revamp the popular themes from each franchise.
Overall, based on many reports I have been reading, I'm very thoroughly surprised by this game! Most reports from popular sites have swept this game with below average scores, but I see it as a bonus. It's addicting and makes me feel good about myself. I feel that this title is HUGELY underrated. I cannot stress it enough. Being the Koei fan that I am, it's still a vital refresher that the series needed. I don't understand why people have destroyed this game in reviews. I found it very appealing and the 3D graphics superb, for a first launch game!
It's not by any means a perfect game, but it's still a good game and deserves a much better score than it has been receiving.
+ -Addictive, button mashing gameplay
+ -Stays true to the Warriors franchise
+ -DLC missions expand the gameplay significantly
- -Can be repetitive for longtime veterans
8 Presentation
It's like the other warriors games, very epic battles, button mashing, and not confusing at all for beginners.
7 Gameplay
Gameplay is fluid and smooth, and the effects fantastic with 3D combined. Can be slightly repetitive as you will most likely end up using one or two main button combos repeatedly.
8 Lasting Appeal
DLC does a good job at making the game longer, and expands on the ideals of the popular characters.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
Definitely a fun game to pass the time. I would recommend this title, and as it has been out for two years, it's definitely been reduced in price significantly.
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