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Reviewed by TheGrayShow1467, posted Sep 6, 2015, last updated Sep 6, 2015
Oh hey, it's a visual novel! Oh. It's by the makers of Sakura Spirit, Sakura Angels and Sakura Fantasy... We're fucked, kiddo...
Sep 6, 2015
  • Release Date (NA): August 14, 2015
  • Publisher: Sekai Project
  • Developer: Winged Cloud
  • Genres: Visual Novel
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
"From the makers of Sakura Spirit, Sakura Angels and Sakura Fantasy this time working together with the artist Inma to bring you this visual novel dating sim on the beach!"
I, Refraction Ghoul, have never been to the beach. How can I remedy that? Oh, I know! Play a visual novel that will remind me that I will die alone! Sounds like fun!!! So let's take a look at Boo- er, I mean, Sakura Beach!
ABOUT (From Steam):
"Seiji is a daydreamer who spends too much time thinking about space. When he was given a chance to visit the beach with his two childhood friends, all he can think about is his chance to take out his telescope and look at the stars. But gradually, he begins to realise that his childhood friends want him to pay attention to them instead of the constellations..."
So basically, we have a blind dumbass who can't seem to realize that the girls who want to go to the beach with him love him... As for the girls, you've got the generic happy-go-lucky girl (blue eyes, blonde hair... looks like we know why she's so silly... CAUSE SHE'S BLOND! *BA DUM TSSS*) who teases you a lot, and the generic tsundere (Dark hair, red eyes... No wonder she "hates" you... SHE'S SATAN! *BA DUM TSSS INTENSIFIES*)... Great. I'll be right back... Gotta get the popcorn, noose, and Shia Labeouf Just do it samples ready, so I can watch the death of the Visual Novel genre in the US. That was a joke. Shut up. It was funny. To me, the plot is just kind of copy pasted there...
Speaking of plot, lets switch to
There is no fap-worthy "plot"... Don't get me wrong, there is large "plot", but nothing good enough to explain why you removed your pants.
You've got that... does that do anything for ya? No? Fuck you, that's all you get in this review, you weeb.
I'm sorry, were you expecting gameplay? Yes? Well then, you have mistaken this visual novel for Corpse Party Book of Shadows... LEAVE NOW!
There is 0% Gameplay... You either click or press space to advance the textbox...

It's a visual novel, so the visuals have to be good. Otherwise the "game" would be shit.
As you can see, the visuals are pretty good, but personally, they feel semi-generic.
+ Good Visuals (Backgrounds)
+ Large "Plot"
- Generic Visuals (Girls)
- Generic Plot
8 Presentation
The backgrounds look good, but the girls feel slightly generic.
1 Gameplay
There is NO gameplay...
4 Lasting Appeal
The story tries to be serious in some parts, and it just ends up feeling cheap.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
It's not terrible, but it has those cringe-worthy moments... If you were expecting some hentai, you might as well save that money. Should you buy it? If you like ecchi and the franchise, sure. Me personally, I got a refund on it.

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