Review: Run Like Hell (PlayStation Vita)

Reviewed by Tom Bond, posted Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014
  • Release Date (NA): September 17, 2014
  • Release Date (EU): September 16, 2014
  • Publisher: Mass Creation
  • Developer: Mass Creation
  • Also For: Android
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
Run Like Hell, developed by Mass Creation, is an arcade runner game ported from mobile devices to the PS Vita, is just that; a mobile game port.
Tom Bond

Arcade Runner Mobile Port

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Run Like Hell is your standard arcade runner game with a loose “story” attached. Offering 3 different game modes, Story mode, Arcade mode which offers unlimited running in various environments, and an online mode that offers versus matches and “Challenges”. The game plays like any other arcade runner; you have to run and jump or slide over various obstacles, while avoiding some sort of threat (in this case, super evil cannibalistic tribesman) until you reach the end of each level. There are powerups, like “Adrenaline” AKA Speed boost, some sort of lightning bolt that stops the tribesmans for a short period of time, and a cloud of smoke which I assumes also slows your chasers down, however whenever I got it, it didn't seem to help. Some of the levels are also rhythm based, where instead of jumping over obstacles you simply hit L and R at the right time to continue running and avoiding the tribesman. The controls in the game are simple as well, X to jump and Square to slide, left D-pad to use the speed boost and L+R for the rhythm based levels. 

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Run Like Hell offers some basic customization, letting you choose from a list of characters you have to “buy” with coins you earn in-game via achievements or multiplayer play, as well as buying coins in various packs for money. The characters available are slightly interesting, offering some cliché characters like Zombies and ninja's, to some unique one's like my favorite, “Eve”, which is a semi-nude blond covered with black bars, or “Hope”, an obvious reference to Mirror's Edge's main character Faith. I was unable to test the multiplayer games with other players, since the game has yet to release in the US, however I was able to play with some bots, but unfortunately that's not a real indication of multiplayer play. 

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Stale Game for a Stale Genre

Right away the game feels stale, like something I've played too many times in the past. Run Like Hell also doesn't fit the Vita's general “audience” as a mobile game on a dedicated handheld. With the game being free on mobile devices and no release price currently available, I feel like if someone wanted to play this game, they would be best to do so on their tablet or their phone. The only real benefit of the Vita version in my opinion is using physical buttons instead of a touchscreen, the game is easier to control this way and leaves no room for error. 


+ Plenty of game modes.
+ Various characters available for Arcade/online play.
- Mobile game-type doesn't fit the Vita.
- Arcade Runner genre is stale, nothing new was added to the mix.
- Cliche story mode is cringe-worthy at best
7 Presentation
The game itself looks good on the Vita. There are no framerate issues or button lag and the game was smooth as butter for me. I have no real complaints on the presentation of the game.
5 Gameplay
Run Like Hell is your standard arcade runner, with standard powerups and standard levels. The game practically screams standard, which is unfortunately not a good thing.
3 Lasting Appeal
Run Like Hell is a mobile game, it's meant to be enjoyed in a pickup and play way, or in short bursts. The story mode lasts about an hour or so, and all you're left with after that is the endless arcade and the multiplayer modes which both get boring very quickly.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
Overall, the game is a poor choice for a console like the Vita. The game is already available on Android and iOS devices and is free, and quite frankly is probably easier to pick up on mobile devices instead of having to pull out your Vita when you want to play for a couple minutes.

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