Reviewed by Lavar Pittman, posted Jan 6, 2017
Guess who's back again, if you guess Sonic Angel Knight, you are correct! I brought a gift this time... and no is not sonic related, just like the last review, is mega man related. This new Hack I found recently, Rock Man CX. Not sure what it means but is a Mega man rom hack. Let me explain.
Jan 6, 2017
  • Release Date (NA): August 30, 2016
  • Release Date (EU): August 30, 2016
  • Release Date (JP): August 30, 2016
  • Publisher: Himajin Jichiku
  • Developer: Himajin Jichiku
  • Genres: Platform/Shooter
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • PEGI Rating: Three years and older
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
This is a Rockman (Megaman) 2 hack which changes everything you know from your normal Rockman (Megaman) 2 experience! This may be one of the largest overall hacks of Rockman 2 that has ever been done! Also the ROM has been extended to use the MMC3 mapper so it can utilize all these new features. Below are some of the new additions of this patch.
Lavar Pittman
How that for short and simple? Well if you don't like that then how bout some more details, let's take a look at what is brought to the table.
  • Items 1, 2, 3 revamped and available from the start.
  • Some additions from the Mega Man X series, such as Heart Tanks and the ability to dash.
  • Play as Quick Man, who has unique abilities.
  • Change your weapon in real-time.
  • Weapon energy acts as life energy while the Rock Buster or Item 3 is equipped.
Well just some few changed to the original game. The other good news is that it has been upgraded from is original form. From a simple 256KB (I believe the original rom file size is) to a 1MB whopper (for a nes rom) It also has a MMC3 mapper upgrade for better performance and gameplay. While the game is title Rockman CX, again not sure what it means besides it's a Megaman game, is in Japanese, and being that I dunno how to read it, i can't tell you anything about the story, so don't expect spoilers.... but i beat the game, so i can spoil the gameplay for you, don't worry, is just enough to get you to wanna play it. :P

Just looking at the title screen, the option for new game and load game is there, instead of Normal or Difficult difficulty (If you aren't playing the japanese game) Good news, this game uses a save feature, like moderen Megaman games, or the other game I Reviewed, Rockman IV Minus Infinity. Based only on observation (once again, can't read Japanese) The game involves Megaman, Quick man who somehow helping Megaman in this game, Guts man who is not helping... i think, and Taking down "DR.RIGHT" (You know, cause Dr.Light is the name outside of Japan) Cause i guess fighting wily would be too predictable or boring. That is all i know.

So, you start off the game by first witnessing the Pokemon theme song on the title screen, then selecting new game, Megaman jumps down the building on to the ground, you are now playing the intro stage from the title screen, all which has the sweet tunes of Snes Megaman X3. You then find Gutsman who says... something and well you fight him. Or you lose to him without ever getting a chance to defend yourself. Yes, the game features in game cut scenes. Again don't know what is happening cause well... can't read it. Oh well moving on.
Rockman CX.001.png

After Megaman gets Kidnapped... no, Mega Man-napped... Is quick man to the rescue, and then you play with him. He has his trademark quick boomerang and he can, wall jump? Okay, cool. Anyway, after discovering your new found character, you find Gutsman, and defeat him, and rescue Megaman. Good job player two, you are fianlly useful! (Talking about Quick man here)
Rockman CX.002.png Rockman CX.003.png Rockman CX.004.png

Now that is over and done with, just like any Megaman game, you get to choose the next stage... or course, level? You can choose which boss to challenge. Now take a look at this! Umm... what the heck is this? This is way too funny. So the 8 Bosses of this game. There is umm... Whispy Woods, and umm Fire Mario, Then umm... Is that Kamen Rider? Ummm okay. THE MASKED RIDER IS IN THE GAME. Great.:ninja: Oh who else we got, Umm Bomberman, (not BOMB MAN "BOMBERMAN" From the Hudson soft game) Ummm Air man? What happened to you, looking different, not so good. Wait, Rockman? But I'M SUPPOSED TO BE ROCKMAN. Okay this game just making stuff up now, who the heck is YOSHINO MAN? What game is he from? What, there is two rockman? No, is CHEAT MAN! No way, Cheat man? Okay, why didn't wily ever come up with this team? This sounds EPIC! B-)

Rockman CX.005.png

Still i must express how did such a original character like YOSHINO MAN or CHEAT MAN get into a game like this, wonder what their powers are?:wtf:


Last but not least you may be familiar with the characters, so is only appropriate to note the stages and music may be as well familiar including undertale music and such. So you will have enough variety. One major problem with rom hacks like these is the change in difficulty. While i did struggle at times, i did manage to beat this game, I did play on emulator since is a rom hack but i didn't cheat at all... even against CHEAT MAM. But i won't hold it against anyone who does. I do suggest if you have problems, use savestates or some emulators have rewind like nestopia, but is worth trying. If you know japanese, you may be able to follow the story because i don't, all i know is quickman is your friend and ally, and you are trying to stop DR.RIGHT (Light) for whatever reason who thing he some undertale boss. Anyway i recommend this to anyone who just want a new mega man game to play, don't be discouraged by difficult cause is really fun and rewarding challenge which is okay in my opinion not like Super mario maker expert levels.

Rockman CX.005.png Rockman CX.006.png Rockman CX.007.png Rockman CX.008.png Rockman CX.009.png Rockman CX.010.png Rockman CX.011.png Rockman CX.012.png
+ Popular music and reference including characters and stages
+ New power ups and upgrades
+ New story and plot than the traditional wily related ones
+ Adds save feature and another playable character
+ Dash and dash jump feature for rockman and wall climb for quick man
+ Shows off impressive quality and presentation for a mega man game on nes
- May be a bit of a struggle with increase difficulty
- Only playable in Japanese (may have english translation in future, not sure)
9 Presentation
While the game is a rom hack of Rock man 2, it still has improved presentation. Not only does the game include the famous opening title screen as the intro level but in game text cutscenes and more picture quality to backgrounds and stage design as well as adding popular music from various games, redesigned stage select and characters portrait and more adds lots of effort to it. Is very appealing and memorable at first sight.
7 Gameplay
Just like many Rockman games, the goal is to get to the end and defeat the boss, while it still as simple the stages offer challenges and increased difficulty as well as the enemies you face. You will have to add more effort into this one than both Mega man 2 and 9 to beat this one. There is lots of fun stages and well worth playing through multiple times just for fun trying to discover things that wasn't found.
7 Lasting Appeal
This game offers 3 Save slots, not passwords. While you may finish the game and find the ending is just that, no sweet unlockable like some other games (Like rockman 4 minus infinity mini games) The amount of effort taken is rewarding enough to enjoy. For one who wish to master the game and be good enough to show off to others, i would say this is probably a game worth trying to appeal to other people who like mega man who want more while capcom is still deciding what the heck to do with the character.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
This is a good game but is not perfect either. If you wanted a new megaman game to play, you may like this one. But is just that, a different kind of megaman game, you may be able to enjoy the first look reactions of the game and after awhile be bored with it but is worth playing at least once even if you don't like it after. Don't worry about difficulty and don't be ashamed if you need save states or something similar. Is a rom hack and most of them that has increased diffiuclty are meant to be played with save states even suggested by some developers who make them hard.


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