Fighting words there, though seeing your previous threads on the matter I did not expect anything else, and I stand by the remarks I made there . It seems old games might not be for you as their limitations and quirks might not be in line with the ultra streamlined stuff of today, I like some of the streamlined stuff but things do occasionally take it too far for my taste.
Also is it a mana potion or a health potion or a stamina potion? Proper nouns can be tricky to use but just because you already know the term potion for one game does not mean it is as obvious as health restore.

Also the last boxes are typically used for summaries rather than full discussions, you can play it how you like though.

"[condensed] No first person dungeons and you should be glad"? Eh OK. It is generally held a slightly different gameplay style (or genre if you reckon it is a useful term), though the distinctions can become harder to define as time goes on. Depending upon what you liked from previous ones it could be pretty jarring.

"but payment varies between all characters current hp and TP compared to their maximum capacity which is crazy."
More damage, more payment for repair is crazy?

On movement speed I usually found they moved at a fair clip. Guess we have a difference of opinion here.

"The overworld map looks like a maze, is very complex to find where you need to go and no one tells you where the destinations are you must visit"
The boss man tends to tell you where to go to advance the story, or some other important NPC in some cases from what I recall. On mazes then play it how you will, however having to make your own maps was a thing in various first person dungeon crawlers and things like dungeons and dragons/pen and paper/adventure books.

Assuming you are not doing a review as guide thing (often useful for games like this) I am curious as to why you would bring up the cloning labs.

"If you beat this game once, there is no reason to play again unless you just want to."
That is an odd way of saying no bonus modes, post game dungeon, new game+ or something similar. Unless you mean the RPG is a bit light on RP which tends to be a thing with a lot of Japanese games, the wizardry series it continues being the main exception until fairly recently.
Jul 27, 2016