Review: Razer Kraken Pro V2 (Hardware)

Reviewed by Prans Dunn, posted Jun 1, 2017
Jun 1, 2017
As my quest to test gaming headsets resumes, I stumble across the Razer Kraken Pro V2. Now I bring it forth to ye, temper!
Prans Dunn


Razer doesn't really need an introduction among gamers, for the band's name itself is synonymous to gaming hardware. However, we haven't had any official reviews of said hardware on GBAtemp. So let's kickstart with one of their headsets, the Kraken Pro V2, shall we?

What's in the box


Out of the sexy box come the following:



The headset's features:

Audio drivers: 50 mm
Audio type: Stereo
Connection type: 3.5 mm combined jack
Headband material: Bauxite aluminum
Ear cushions: Circumaural-Oval, interchangeable
Lighting: None
Microphone: Unidirectional ECM boom
Mic noise cancellation: Passive
Platform compatibility: PC/Mac/PS4/Xbox/Mobile devices with 3.5 mm jack.

And some more detailed specs:


- Frequency response: 12 Hz – 28 kHz test
- Impedance: 32 Ω @ 1 kHz
- Sensitivity (@1 kHz): 118 dB
- Input power: 30 mW (Max)
- Drivers: 50 mm, with Neodymium magnets
- Inner ear cup diameter: 56 mm / 2.2 in
- Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm
- Cable length: 1.3 m / 4.27 ft. plus 2 m / 6.6 ft mic splitter adapter cable
- Approx. weight: 322 g / 0.71 lbs
- Oval ear cushions: Designed for full-ear coverage, perfect for long-wearing comfort


- Frequency response: 100 Hz – 10 kHz
- Signal-to-noise ratio: > 55 dB
- Sensitivity (@1 kHz): -38 ± 3 dB
- Pick-up pattern: Unidirectional ECM boom

In-Line Control:

- Analog volume control wheel
- Microphone quick mute toggle

Audio Usage:

- Devices with 3.5 mm audio jack

Audio + Microphone Usage:

- Devices with 3.5 mm audio + mic combined jack

The headset itself comes in 3 flavors: black, white and green; but we'll look at the black one in this review.


It Came From the Depths

If I have to compare the Kraken to the other two gaming headsets that I've reviewed, I would say that it sits in between the Cloud Stinger and the Cloud Revolver S.

The sound quality it delivers is quite good, comparable to Cloud Revolver S (sans Doubly add-on) but not as good, even bass-y a little. Nevertheless, it'll output enough audio details to satisfy your gaming needs. Same goes for its microphone. The latter is quite sensible and will saturate quickly if it's too close to your mouth and the receiver end might not be too happy.


Comfort-wise, it sits nicely on my head but the comfort isn't like HyperX's headsets. I noticed that it might be due to the circular shape of the ear cups rather than being oval. The latter design incorporated in the Cloud Revolver S offers plenty of room for the ear while the circular design on the Kraken is a just fit, barely leaving any room for the ear. As such, the pressure is felt over time (despite being heavily padded) and will require some break time. The Kraken is decidedly light at 322g but with the pressure that builds up over time, you'll have to take them off after around 1.5 - 2 hours of use.

attachThumb88634 attachThumb88635 attachThumb88636

The headband on the other hand has little padding but it surprisingly goes unnoticed. Moreover, it is very flexible and coupled to its aluminium frame, it promises to withstand some of the hardest shocks afflicted to it; twist it, bend it, toss it in your bag/suitcase, the Kraken Pro V2 will come out as a survivor!



It's the little things

I commend Razer's attention to details with some of the more minute aspects of the headset. For instance, one of my favorite features is the the graded slider on the headband that allows you to adjust the piece equally on both sides and, although not ground-breaking technology, it makes a notable difference to allow the piece to sit comfortably on your head.


The nicely concealed microphone is also a clever design so that you can use the headphones outside of your gaming station.

attachThumb88633 attachThumb88632

Additionally, the headset features a braided cord and in-line volume controls! If you've read my previous reviews, you might have noticed that I easily fall for these:


However, I've noticed that the max volume doesn't get really loud and I have to increase my PC's volume higher than when other headphones/headsets are connected.

Even though I'm not a great fan of its included circular ear cups, the latter can nevertheless be swapped for oval ones, so that's a plus.

A legendary creature headset?

With the Kraken Pro V2, it seems like Razer aimed to provide a placeholder for a mid-range headset; not super expensive, toned down to the basics but yet provides a decent quality product. At $80, with its robust build, okay-ish sound quality and minimalist design, it isn't perfect and Razer can and has surely better up its sleeve.


+ Very flexible and sturdy build
+ In-line audio controls
+ Good sound quality
+ Cleverly concealed, retractable microphone
- Pricey
- Low volume
- Pressure felt
- Conspicuously sticking ear cups
out of 10
The Kraken Pro V2 is a decent headset. Good sound quality, a sturdy and flexible build and its lightweight are its strongest points. But from my experience, there're better ones out there.

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