Review: Portal Soundtrack Vinyl (Hardware)

Reviewed by Prans Dunn, posted Jan 6, 2018, last updated Jan 6, 2018
Jan 6, 2018
Valve’s Portal soundtrack teleports itself for the first time in vinyl format!
Prans Dunn


In celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary, Mondo, in collaboration with Valve, has released the soundtrack of the original Portal video game on vinyl for the first time ever. This LP is available in two tones: the gray and white version and the 1000-copies limited translucent blue and orange version. They are both 180-gram pressed 33 RPM single LPs sold at $30.

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The disc is itself housed in a deluxe, debossed, 'Magic Wallet' style jacket designed by Alan Hynes who has worked on several other Mondo products. By operating as a  magic wallet-style  sleeve that opens from both sides, the overall design of the jacket perfectly emanates the Portal feel; that of a puzzle game pitting the player against interesting challenges. It is definitely the most innovative vinyl cover I’ve seen, not that it is earth-shattering but it’s the little things, you guys :) See it in action for yourself below:



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As is customary with Mondo pressings, you can expect the quality of this one to be top-notch. The varied music genres of the game are perfectly reproduced and even includes the iconic “Still Alive” credit song!

The $30 price point for this vinyl might seem a bit steep for a single LP as we’ve seen 2xLPs from Mondo like Silent Hill  and Super Castlevania IV  at the same price.

Nevertheless it is definitely a recommendation for video game soundtrack vinyl collectors out there as it is the best (and only) Portal soundtrack on vinyl out there!

+ Innovative, deluxe jacket
+ Faithfully reproduced soundtrack
- $30 for a single LP
out of 10
Yet another quality soundtrack vinyl from Mondo that does justice to a cult video game!


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