Review Approach:

(Please note that this is my first review, if I need to improve, please leave a comment. Thanks.) It has been about a week since I got this controller, and have been using this controller for melee and Smash Ultimate.
If you took a Gamecube controller and a Switch Pro controller, you would get this. I have swapped spit with PDP, and this is my second controller from them.
The controller feels amazing. It may be made out of plastic. However, it feels great in the hands, doesn't feel cheap, and overall I have a really good grip on this controller whenever I am playing. Unfortunately, one of the Pro controller parts that is in the controller is a lack of analog triggers, and two shoulder buttons. I may sound nit-picky, but I prefer analog triggers, and one shoulder button. Specifically when the controller looks like a gamecube controller. I love how this is USB, so no adapters, and you can use this on a PC, if you want to play on dolphin or some other emulator. The controller also has switchable joysticks, so if you wanted to for some reason switch the C stick and regular joystick, you can.
What I Liked . . . Wired, barely any input lag. Feels great. High quality. Switchable Joysticks. What I Didn't Like . . . Two shoulder buttons No analogue triggers.
out of 10
I love the feeling, and the fact that this is wired, but the lack of analogue triggers kinda sucks.