Hundreds of chair manufacturers are on the market, claiming they definitively have the best chair money can buy. This time, we'll be looking at the OPSEAT Master Series gaming chair to see if their claims hold up.
Krista Noren



Overpowering the Competition

One of the most prominent brands of gaming chairs out there is OPSEAT, and their Master and Grandmaster line of seats. Thanks to the team at OPSEAT, GBAtemp was provided with a review sample to try out in the form of their $249.99 Master series chair. 

For those that tend to sit at their PC for long amounts of time, either playing games, or browsing the internet, having a place to comfortably do so from is incredibly important. Personally, I had been using a basic Ikea office chair prior to this, and had noticed I would have do deal with back pain commonly, which was standing in the way of me being able to comfortably write and game. So when the 60lb/27kg box arrived at my doorstep, I was very excited to open it up and see if this chair would solve my problems. 



Neatly packed in the box was the chair, split into several sections to assemble. An instruction pamphlet was tucked carefully into the seat portion, wordlessly explaining how to put the chair together piece by piece. Assembly was quite simple, with the only relatively difficult part pertaining to lifting the heavier pieces to fit atop each other for the last step. Once the chair was built, it was easy to see just how striking it looks. There's eleven different colors the Master Series comes in; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, pink, purple, white, black, and gray, meaning you'll be easily be able to get one in a color that suits the room you'll be putting it in. The one featured in this review is the white model, which is mostly black, with highlights of white along the edges and top. Visually, it looks professional, and very much like a "gaming" styled chair, without going too far into the obnoxious range that many other chairs fall into. 

As far as features go, there's a lumbar support pillow, a head pillow, wide armrests that tilt inwards and outwards, and extend and retract for comfort. You can also lean back all the way and lay flat by using the lever on the right side of the seat to adjust to your preferred level. When you stand up, the chair almost rises with you, with a very subtle lift, which is a nice touch. OPSEAT's product is made from synthetic leather, which feels soft, but also sturdy enough to take some wear and tear. The stitching is very well done, which really helps the chair look as good as it does. 



After two weeks straight of usage, the Master Series gaming chair has far surpassed my expectations. Living in a very hot area as Texas usually means that chairs, especially leather ones, can get disgustingly hot, however, even when the A/C was turned off to test how hot the chair got, the perforations in the back kept the chair cool and comfortable, even in very warm conditions. I can't praise this chair enough, because even when trying to find flaws with it, there's nothing that stands out. I tend to sit cross-legged and at a tilt; something generally uncomfortable in most chairs, but here, I felt like I was sitting in a luxurious recliner, and not a gaming chair. OPSEAT appear to commonly have the Master Series on sale for only $199.99 on their site, which, if you're willing to invest in a comfortable chair with a fantastic build quality, is more than worth the price. 


Thank you to GBAtemp user @sasori for providing the review unit. If you have any further questions about the chair, be sure to contact him, as he is an official worker over at OPSEAT. You can also check out GBAtemp's affiliate link for their store, which lets users take $10 off their order. 


  • 51.0 lb
  • Metal Frame, Synthetic Leather
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • weight-limit: 300 Pounds
  • height 51 in. to 53 in.
  • width 30 in.
What We Liked . . . Incredibly comfortable. Easy to assemble. Great quality. Looks nice, and is professional looking enough to fit in either an office, or a gaming room. What We Didn't Like . . . The head pillow's stuffing was weirdly pushed through the sealed zipper a few times.
out of 10
When one buys a gaming rig, and sets up their space to accommodate it, they tend to focus on the hardware aspect of things, which means sometimes people forget to pay attention to one of the most integral pieces to their setup: the chair. A chair is the centerpiece to your entire gaming experience, and if you want to play your games in comfort, you'll want to have the best chair you can get for your money. If you're looking for the best, then look no further than OPSEAT.
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