Review: Noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair (Hardware)

Reviewed by Krista Noren, posted Jul 12, 2019
Jul 12, 2019
Gather 'round and take a seat, because we're back to looking at gaming chairs.
Krista Noren



There are many things that contribute to one's ideal gaming arrangement. However, no matter what system of choice. preferred controller, or litany of accessories you have to accompany your setup, you'll want to be comfortable while you play. That's why it's important to have a reliable chair to sit in, whether you're gaming, or even while working. Of course, the market for "gaming" chairs is highly saturated with options that all seem to be the same chair, but plastered with a different logo. What if you want something more than just the typical racing-style chair; maybe something that wouldn't look out of place in a setting a bit more formal than a bedroom? 

Enter noblechairs, who, as the name implies, is a bit more high-class than its competitors, offering top-tier ergonomics and promising spectacular build quality. This isn't just any chair; this is the evolution of gaming chairs, as the company so excitedly claims on its website. noblechairs managed to stand out on first glance, having piqued my curiosity enough to want to know just what makes their chairs so unique. The relatively new HERO line was created with help from esports players, and designed to be a customizable, professional, and ergonomic chair; something you could sit in for hours upon hours, with ideal support and in cushioned comfort. It was time to put such claims to the test, and thus begins my review of the noblechairs HERO gaming chair.

When the gigantic box arrived at my door, I set to work on opening everything up, and putting it together using the included instruction pamphlet and hex key. I've done this process before, back when I reviewed the OPseat gaming chair last year. I'd need to carefully connect everything together, tighten the bolts, and lift the pieces onto each other. To my shock, the HERO was incredibly easy to build, with most of it already assembled and ready to go. It was just a matter of slotting the wheels onto the base, securing the seat to the back, putting a few screws into place, and viola, it was completed. My only trouble came with hefting the massive parts of the chair out of the box--it weighs a hulking 30kg/65lbs--and can be difficult to lift on your own if you don't happen to be very strong, or have someone to help you hold it in place. 



The HERO is a tall, imposing piece of furniture; it towers over regular office chairs, and is much wider than the typical gamer chair. It's striking enough to draw immediate attention from anyone who walks by, keeping a slight bit of the racing flair, coupled with some refined elegance. You can choose from five color accents: black, red, blue, yellow, or white stitching, while the chair itself only comes in black. The stitch work is immaculate, and adds a little pop of color to the chair's otherwise dark appearance. On the top, where the headrest is, sits a simple engraved symbol of noblechair's logo, which looks subtle and doesn't really stand out, meaning your chair won't be a rolling advertisement. 

Steel, aluminum, and PU leather are some of the materials that comprise the HERO, all of which help drive home the "high-end" experience. noblechairs also offers a real, genuine leather option, in case you wanted to really treat yourself like a king. Should you go that route, it'll add an extra $200 to the cost of the chair, which will likely be jarring to all but the richest of consumers. 

There's a fair amount of adjusting and tweaking you can do with the HERO. Much like any chair, you can push the backrest down, allowing you to lay comfortably, for those who enjoy sleeping in your chair. The "4D" armrests can go higher and lower, and inward and out, though there's no ability to turn them. There's also a tilt mechanism, giving you a little room to lean back, without all the dangers of tipping your chair. Underneath the seat is a lever which you can twist in order to lock it into place if you don't like that feature. With how stable the chair feels, I never feel uneasy when trying to sit back, which is a problem I tend to have with ordinary office chairs. Every single piece of the HERO is built to take on lots of wear, from the strong steel base, to the firm leather, and the massive backrest, which envelopes anyone who settles down in its cozy, secure seating.

When you get a normal gaming chair, there's usually a little lumbar pillow included in the box, which can be attached to the chair to offer a bit more of an ergonomic position. They can be a little irksome, in the ways that they fall off easily, feel uncomfortable, or just look awkward. That's no different with the HERO, but chances are, you won't care about the pillow on this chair, as noblechairs has added additional built-in lumbar support. Simply twisting the knob on the side will cause the backrest to slightly curve in or outward, to your preference. This not only helps your posture, but feels far more comfortable than just sticking a pillow behind your back, or sitting back against a flat surface. There's enough padding so that it doesn't feel too firm, but the simple outward curvature is just enough to align with your spine's natural position. 



As someone who has a tendency to sit cross-legged in chairs, or even leaned back, feet on the chair itself, the HERO allows me the space to sit any way I want. The outer material has a soft feel, but tough enough that it won't tear or scratch easily; the cushioning beneath is definitely sturdy, moreso than the average chair, which can take some adjusting to. Sitting upright, with perfect posture, however, is how you're meant to be sitting in this chair, and on that factor alone, it's amazingly comfortable.

What wasn't so comfortable, though, was when I needed to type, use my mouse, or do anything that required my arms to reach forward. This is, however, an issue that won't plague a majority of those looking to buy a noblechair HERO. My stature is relatively small at 5'2, and my shoulder width, in turn, is also smaller than average. That wasn't an ideal combination for the HERO, which is a chair that targets larger users, supporting a weight of up to 150kg/330lbs, and with it, naturally broader-shouldered individuals. Even when pushing the armrests inward, placing my wrists on them always felt awkward, and uncomfortable. While undeniably luxurious, sitting in the HERO felt a little bit like wearing clothes that were a few sizes too big. Despite my own minor issues, this feels like the ideal type of chair for larger people who need better support while they sit. 

The noblechair HERO might stagger you with its price, retailing for $439.99, but the price is warranted, considering the designer look, impeccable build quality, and construction, as well as finer details which other chairs lack. Some may be fine with a cheaper chair, and that's perfectly alright--pricing can be relative for each person. I still love my previous, lower-priced gaming chair, despite its differences. However, for the cost, you get something more than just a gaming chair; an investment in a piece of furniture that is going to last you years upon years, while ensuring your posture and comfort are maxed out. In this case, you get what you pay for.

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+ Sturdy and durable.
+ Quality build materials.
+ Built-in adjustable lumbar support.
+ Easy to put together.
- The arm-rests can't be tilted in or outwards.
out of 10
The noblechair HERO is a deluxe chair, meant for those who want a more professional seat that has the appearance and feel of something premium. The durability, ergonomics and looks all come at a price, but if you're looking for something that will be a reliable staple of your setup for years to come, it can very well be worth the cost.

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