Review: Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Pro Case (Hardware)

Reviewed by Prans Dunn, posted Nov 11, 2018, last updated Nov 14, 2018
Nov 11, 2018
WaterField Designs is back at it with another Nintendo Switch case. This time, it’s the Multiplayer Pro Case which, as its name suggests, has room for more than one player’s accessories. So what can it hold and how well? Let’s find out!
Prans Dunn


When I reviewed WaterField Designs’ SwitchPack earlier this year, I commended it for its style and for being compact while allowing the user to pack a gazillion of things in it. I am really glad that the company abided by the same philosophy with the Multiplayer Pro Case.

Take a look at the case before diving into the review right here.


This carry case can easily be taken for one’s regular bag with its minimalist design that does not scream HEY LOOK AT MY BAG, THERE’S A GAMING CONSOLE INSIDE!!! In fact, the Multiplayer Pro Case can readily be adopted for other use than just as a gaming bag. You can fit in a book(s), a tablet and whatever else by managing what you actually want to bring with you. Officially, WaterField Designs suggests the following items:

  • Pocket 1: Switch Console with attached Joy-Cons
  • Pocket 2/3: HDMI Cords, USB-C cords, WAN Cord, Joy Con Straps
  • Pocket 4: Can be configured in several ways:
    • 2 Controllers (either Pro Controllers and/or Joy Con Grip Controllers) + Switch Power Block
    • Switch Dock + 1 Controller (either Pro Controllers or Joy Con Grip Controllers) + Switch Power Block
    • Switch Dock+ 4 Joy Con Sticks + Switch Power Block
  • Pocket 5: Holds removable Switch Game Card Holder
  • Pocket 6: Holds small Micro SD Cards and/or ear buds
  • Front pockets may be able to hold a portable stand


attachThumb149081 attachThumb149082

These suggested combinations are for situations where you want to bring more than just your Switch for, say going to a friend's house, a gaming party or travelling. And with its compact design and small footprint, this bag can actually fit in a larger bag like when you are travelling; just slide the Pro Case in your backpack and your gaming needs are catered for. More than just being a gaming carry case, the Multiplayer Pro Case can also be used as a storage bag to safely arrange all of the Switch accessories that come out of its box. The inner pockets for the Switch and dock are lined by a soft lining providing some degree of protection. The contents are also easily accessible by opening the zippers partly to quickly grab an item or fully to lie the Pro Case flat to have full access to the contents. Here's how it looks like when I packed it exclusively for gaming:


attachThumb149084 attachThumb149085 attachThumb149087

But these gaming-centered combinations are mere recommendations as you can easily use the classy Multiplayer Pro Case as your daily bag, like I have been doing. You can just pack in your Switch (if you have a hard case, all the better as they both fit in the dedicated pocket) and its charger and/or a power bank and fill the other pockets with whatever else you want to bring: a book, a notebook, pen(s), even a 0.5 L water bottle fits! Don’t forget the two deep outer pockets which I found to perfectly fit my Surface Pro 3 with type cover attached. But if you are weary about rain or liquid splashes, the Surface Pro 3 also fits in the inside of the bag which provides added protection with its YKK waterproof zippers. The versatility of this stylish bag really impressed me; it's gaming as a fashion statement.

Below is what mine looks like on a regular day. I can also remove the Switch to fit something else (a sandwich?) but gaming is life.


attachThumb149089 attachThumb149090

This too shall fit!

The Multiplayer Pro Case can be held with its comfortable full-grain cowhide leather handle grip but if you’d rather swing it over your shoulder, you can just fold those handle grips and attach the included shoulder strap, and voilà! you’ve got yourself a shoulder bag!



However, priced at $149, I wish that WaterField Designs would have made the outer body of the bag out of its high grade leather. Nevertheless, the rugged look of the waxed canvas body does have quite of an appeal to it and it actually looks better with age! I'd also like to see more of the pockets padded but this might make the case more bulky.

But given that the festive season is approaching, you might want to splurge a little or are looking for a gift for the gamer in your life and WaterField Designs Multiplayer Pro Case might be worth considering!

So, fancy getting one? Get yours right here!

+ Quality product
+ Stores a lot of accessories
+ Versatile when it comes to what you want to carry in it
+ Discrete and stylish look
+ Free, removeable 10-game leather card holder
+ Free, removeable shoulder strap
- Cost
- Not all pockets are padded
out of 10
This is the most versatile Nintendo Switch carry case that I have come across to date. It boasts storage space for the complete Nintendo Switch inventory and more but with its style, it can easily become one’s go to bag for like, anything. Make your gaming lifestyle a fashion statement!


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