Review: New Nintendo 3DS (AUS/EUR version) (Hardware)

Reviewed by prowler, posted Dec 2, 2014
I'm not going to lie to you GBAtemp, I'm a Sony fan so expect this review to be full of hate. Here's a taster 'Why did Nintendo not just release a Wii U handheld? Wii U controller is basically good to go.'
Dec 2, 2014
NN3DS (New Nintendo 3DS) has recently been released in AUS/NZ by Nintendo. It's got an upgraded CPU and a whole lot more but is it worth the upgrade for when it releases for the rest of the world?
"Coming soon to Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and New 3DS" is a gobful. We all know Nintendo likes to make things as simple as possible so every audience they attract is on the same wavelength so how about "Coming soon, only for New Nintendo 3DS"....... Mom!!!! Just when parents thought their kids had it all.
The New Nintendo 3DS is a recently released handheld to join the 3DS family. It's been out in Japan for some time and it's now hit Australia and New Zealand and it is the upgrade we have all been waiting for.


Nintendo is the only company that can make socially acceptable handhelds. I could go out with my 3DS, sit and Starbucks and be invisible to the rest of the world. If I take my Vita out, heads soon start turning with people thinking 'why is that grown boy playing with a silly toy?', 'I bet he is into those Japanese games I heard about in the Daily Mail' or "Shouldn't he be in Costa" yet with a 3DS all that judging is gone with a flick of a switch. Make that of what you will, Nintendos hardware is on point.


Gloss. Any company that makes a glossy console is on my 'nope' books. The New 3DS XL is a glossy machine, which is why I opted for the smaller version. The original 3DS, gloss. The 3DS XL, FINALLY. I was a little bit worried at first since I last owned a 3DS XL but I can safely say that I much prefer this to the larger screen. It's much more portable and it's just... right. And I do have to mention that the screens are a little bit bigger than the regular 3DS. Oh and the SNES like ABXY buttons, sweet nostalgia.

Ever thought "Why can't I just have a handheld that can match my wardrobe as well? Is this so hard? I have a feeling someone somewhere has took a photo of my on the subway with the caption "LOOK AT THIS LOOSER, HIS 3DS DOESN'T EVEN MATCH HIS SHIRT". Well, now you don't have to! Nintendo has introduced Faceplates to the NN3DS (NN3DS XL is left out of this amazing idea, but you guys have a bigger screen. I'm sure that's a fair trade). Want Princess Peachs face to be on the front of your 3DS? Sure thing! What about a sweet minimalistic Super Smash Bros faceplate? Nintendo has got your back. They have over 50 faceplates (in Japan) and it's growing. Want to DIY because Nintendo doesn't support your waifu? Get some clear faceplates and print some images off! It works wonders and I'm super excited, am I right Kyary?


Nintendo has added a nub stick in place instead of a second circle pad and you won't even notice it's there unless you're playing a camera centric game like Monster Hunter, which does do it's job but it doesn't come close to an actual circle pad feeling. Maybe Nintendo should've replaced a nub and put a second circle pad on the XL version? It does have room but who am I to say. With the faster CPU you'll notice the difference straight off the bat, slicker menus, faster loading times; no more long waits for the browser, Miiverse and other apps since they load up almost instantly! Now you'll actually want to use them instead of using your phone/computer for a quick search to help you on your quest to save Zelda. The faster CPU will also benefit games as well with the first game announced only for New Nintendo 3DS being Xenoblade, you can guess that Nintendo has a couple other games hidden away.

Other inclusions are the ZL and ZR buttons and NFC for Amiibos. The game cart slot has moved to the bottom left next to the headphone jack with the stylus and power button joining the 'bottom' crowd. It seems a little bit silly to have the power button at the bottom but I can't notice it at all. The other thing I want to point out as well is the placement of the Start and Select buttons. I really hated them being at the bottom of the touch screen, it looked messy, unnecessary and downright rude; now they're below the ABXY buttons for easy access, out of my face and under my thumb.

The "Super Stable 3D" is a welcome addition. I can move around to my hearts content and not loose focus of the 3D, as long as the system is facing me. How it does this is it uses the front facing camera to track your head, the camera has been upgraded because of this feature and now can see in really low level light. You can of course turn this feature off if you think Nintendo is recording your face to archive since you have ever so skipped past reading the Terms and Conditions agreeing that Nintendo now owns your face, but anyway.

+ The 3D in 3DS just got 3Der
+ Nub stick makes a comeback
+ ZL and ZR just in case we run out of buttons
+ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
- It's not the Vita
- Too much water
out of 10
I'm expecting Nintendo to go all out once they decide to release it in other regions, it's a really good upgrade from the 3DS and amazingly cheap too. Nintendo really annoyed me with the launch of the 3DS but this gem here is Nintendos personal way of saying "prowler, I'm sorry" and I can finally get over it. Sorry to everyone else, you're going to have to wait for the personal apology.

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