In another edition of our gaming chair reviews, we have KLIM's 'eSports' chair.
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Assembly of the chair is fortunately very simple, requiring only 8 bolts to be fitted. Unfortunately, no paper manual was included, but KLIM does have a useful assembly video online. Given that there were a few small paper documents in the box, I do think a paper assembly guide should have been included. That said, the video does a perfectly good job explaining each part of the process, with clear instructions and visuals to accompany each step.


The chair comes in several parts. Most of these fit together effortlessly, such as the wheels and the 'feet', but some parts need to be bolted in with the included hex key. You must bolt the back of the chair onto the front, which is simple enough, and the mechanism of the chair to the bottom of the seat. These were easy to do, and feel sturdy and secure once put together. The bolts are conveniently already in the chair on arrival, meaning there are no loose screws in the box to be lost. The arms of the chair are already fitted as it arrives, but could easily be removed using the hex key if you don't desire them. Keep in mind that the huge box the chair arrives in is heavy, so I'd recommend having someone handy nearby to help you move it. 

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When they say that this chair is large, they're not kidding. This thing is a monolith, and I love it. From the huge spread of the base to the huge backrest, this chair is sure to become a feature wherever you put it. As someone who has been used to a cheap office chair for the last few years, this is a huge upgrade all around. The tall back allows me to lean back on the chair, and it can tilt all the way back, allowing me to even lie down if I wished. 

Comfort-wise, it's definitely the most comfortable PC chair I've sat in. I've only had office chairs previously, but this blows them out of the water. The adjustable cushions add an extra degree of comfort, and can be removed if they're not for you. The unit can be moved up and down using a lever on the right underside, allowing you to get on an appropriate level with your monitor. On the left underside there's another lever that allows you to control the tilt of the seat, although it can be a little temperamental at times. Whether or not this is a problem with my chair or a more widespread problem, I don't know.



The only complaint I have is that the arm-rests aren't up to scratch. They wobble around like a loose tooth, and feel cheap compared to the rest of the chair. Not only do they bring down the aesthetics of the chair, but they're also lacking in functionality. There is no way to tilt them back, which sucks if you want to be able to get them out of the way occasionally. The only option is to completely remove them. They're still comfortable, but it's a shame that they feel more like an afterthought. For £300, I'd expect better.

Aesthetically, I actually like the 'GAMER' look they went for. I can't deny that it actually looks pretty cool, even if the idea of a 'Gaming Chair' seems a little silly to me. The diamond shapes in the stitching look great, and the combination of red and black works phenomenally. Judging by the pictures on KLIM's website, I think the red chair is the most aesthetically pleasing. I also like the more professional looking black variant, which gives you a much more subtle experience. 


  • An investment. You undoubtedly spend many hours in front of the screen. By using the KLIM eSports you will get more comfortable and improve your lumbar support. A lack of support may cause serious back problems and the KLIM chair has been created to avoid them.
  • Superior quality. We haven't skimped on quality when making the KLIM eSports, we have used the best materials available and the finish has been highly polished. You are buying quality
  • Don't pay for the brand. Many chair manufacturers make huge investments in marketing, but at KLIM, we have decided to minimize our marketing and let the quality of the product speak for itself. This allows us to offer our customers great value for money.
  • Made for you. The KLIM eSports chair is adjustable at all levels so it is perfectly adapted to you. You may recline it to an almost horizontal position and its height can be adjusted. It is suitable for people between 1.50m and 2m. A person measuring up to 2m and weighing 150kg will be perfectly comfortable on the eSports chair. Should you have a larger build, please contact us.
  • Technical specifications. Reinforced steel frame for extraordinary durability. Elastic straps for maximum comfort. High quality artificial leather, treated for extra wear resistance. High quality anti cold foam padding. Leaning mechanism with 5 positions, up to 160 º (reclined). "4D" padded armrests. Freely adjustable backrest. Sturdy and durable aluminum base, 75mm diameter.

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What We Liked . . . Comfortable Looks cool Easy to assemble Highly adjustable settings What We Didn't Like . . . Arm-rests feel noticeably less quality than the rest of the chair Expensive
out of 10
This is a super comfortable chair, and has very few shortcomings. I especially appreciate the tall back, considering that other chairs I've had only go to my shoulders at best. Whether or not you want to invest £300 on a PC chair is your business, but if you have that kind of cash to splash, I don't think this would be a bad choice.
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