Review: JEC L2/R2 grip for PS Vita 1000 (PlayStation Vita)

Reviewed by Dino Rasing, posted Sep 2, 2016, last updated Sep 2, 2016
Bought the grip cause I also have one for PSP Go, several members asked about how it was and just decided to do a review about it. Second ever review, something NON Xbox related.
Sep 2, 2016
  • Publisher: JOETSU Electronics Ind Co,. Ltd
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
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Everybody knows the PS Vita features dual analogue sticks, 4 action buttons, a D pad, an L1 and R1 shoulder button, back touchplate and front touch screen. This products adds a physical L2/R2 button to the handheld along with a nice controller like grip.
Dino Rasing
Like I said earlier, I told some Tempers that I'd write a review about the product and here it is!
The JEC L2/R2 controller grip!


Upon opening, I noticed that the grip was of well build quality.
The grip it self has a nice textured feel to it.
The L2/R2 triggers feel much like the PS3's triggers.


Looking at the grip, you can it's more like a casing.
Personally, I kinda like it, feels a bit more secure that that flimsy PSP Go grip I have.
First drawback I found was that the small plastic clips used to hold the top and the bottom are quite stiff, using to much force would break them so I had to dislodge them with a small screwdriver ever so gently.
One of them that is.
One major positive aspect of it, which also kinda was the main selling point for this thing for me (as opposed to other grips) is that the controller legs don't stick out as much, nor would it feel like some cheap hunk of plastic that was quickly pushed to make money.
Yes Nyko and other grips that look like it, I'm looking at you!
Another really good aspect of it is that the the controller legs kinda look like round bulges.
Your ring fingers and pinkies really grip around it quite neatly.


After dropping in the Vita, which fits really snug and without any movement I must add, the entire handheld just transformed to a large DS3/DS4 basically.
The top part of it doesn't wobble and doesn't have any parts that obscure the buttons/normal operations of the Vita.
The top part fits nice and flush with the bottom part, making it seem like one solid unit.


The top side of the Vita really gives it a nice appearance.
There's also plenty of touchpad space left to use as L3/R3 by touching it and use the left over area for Vita games and webbrowsing.
That together with the controller legs not protruding down heavily, it really does like the Wii U tablet controller and the DS3 or DS4 had a child, which turned out right!
I know I'll receive hate/criticism for that but hey, think about that yourself, it really does look like that.


One thing that kinda worried me about the top plate is the buttons.
Would they still be easy to operate or does the top plate inhibits normal contact with them.
Well, the main action buttons and Dpad has plenty of space.
The Start/Select buttons however are a bit difficult to press, a long with the PS home button.
The top plate makes them quite sunken into the handheld.
Then again, the Start/Select buttons aren't used that much in games and the PS home button pretty much serves only 2 purposes.
The quick settings screen and going back to the LiveArea.

Personally, I can live with that, seeing I got long nails, it barely inhibits normal interaction with those buttons.

After playing some Bioshock infinite on the Vita via remote play to test it (mainly the triggers) and playing some Minecraft on it, I came to the conclusion that it's a really good purchase.
Unlike the normal Vita, where me fingers would hurt after a while of playing, I'm almost quite sure I could continue to play on this for hours on end.
I'm almost certain that I could do a VCS speedrun on it without suffering from pain in the joints of me fingers for days afterwards.
Best 45 quid I ever spend on a controller grip.
+ L2/R2 triggers, the main selling point of it.
+ Kinda functions like a casing (altough I recommend against dropping it to test it as that probably will kill your Vita)
+ Really well made and extremely comfortable.
+ Vita fits snugly inside the casing, there's minimal to no movement at all.
+ Nice big silver coloured buttons.
- Stiff clips that secure the top to the bottom.
- PS home button and Start/Select are quite sunken, which makes them a bit difficult to press.
- Steep price for some, but, if you want quality, you're going to pay a premium price for it.
10 Presentation
Nice protective plastic box. Clearly shows it's a L2/R2 grip on the image instead of a regular grip.
9 Gameplay
Well, seeing this grip is specifically designed with an L2/R2 button in mind, it really helps with the gameplay on PS1/remote play.
9 Lasting Appeal
Nice soft texture on the plastic, snug fit. Grip almost looks like it's part of the Vita.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
In all, I'm really really satisfied with it. Needed to get a bit used to it at first but that happened rather quickly, luckily. I deffo recommend this controller grip to anyone who's looking for one. Especially for people who regularly use remoteplay and PS1 games. The added bonus that it also kinda functions as a case is a real plus!

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