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Glass and metal, on a budget? Just how good can this actually be?


Smart devices surround us and with an innate lust for tracking and monitoring; it was inevitable that these technological tools would become wearable and therefore part of our everyday attire. The Imilab W12 Smartwatch offers a sleek Zinc Alloy form topped with a glossy glass 1.32" HD TFT capacitive touchscreen display, and best of all it is totally waterproofed for under £60.

My first impressions of the W12 were very positive, the metal feels smooth and solid, and the glass looks polished and crisp. Unboxing the device, I could immediately gauge that it felt superb in hand as it has a weight to it that feels like a premium product. The silicone rubber straps are soft flexible and not too rigid to be uncomfortable, in fact, it's a pleasure to wear for extended periods without wrist fatigue. The metal buckle is emblazoned with the Imilab logo and is a nice finishing touch to the outer accoutrement. Along the right-hand side, you have two buttons, one for powering on or off if held down or if tapped scrolls through functions and the other button is a shortcut to the 13 sports tracking modes built into the device. On the underside you notice the spring-loaded strap buttons, meaning you could easily swap out the 22mm band for a third-party ceramic one, or a leather one should you choose to customise it at your leisure. The rear also houses the green photoelectric sensor to monitor SP02 and heart rate and the two magnetic contact points for the charging cable to stick to.

With an IP rating of 68, the Imilab W12 will purportedly survive daily handwashing, corrosion from chemicals and sweat, and can be freely used in a swimming pool, however, it does not include a swimming tracker under the sports modes, which I was surprised to see was absent given its rating for water ingress, but most other traditionally dry sports are covered, including cycling, running as well as the more aquatic pursuit of boating, which suggests a less is more approach to water immersion. As is usual it is not recommended to swim with any "waterproof" device in the sea due to salt and chemicals, and it is not recommended to use in the bath or shower due to the heat of the water possibly expanding parts beyond their cool water testing constraints.


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Technical Specifications:
  • Model: IMILAB W12
  • Display: 1.32″ HD TFT Screen
  • Resolution: 360 x 360 px
  • Battery: 330 mAh Polymer Li-ion Battery (30 Days* Battery Life / 30-Day Standby Mode* /14-Day Daily Use)
  • Face Customization: Yes (via app)
  • Monitors: 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor / Blood-oxygen Saturation Measurement
  • Modes: 13 Sports Modes
  • Charger: Magnetic Cable
  • Compatibility: Android 5.1 and above / iOS 9.0 and above
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Sensors: Heart-rate Sensors / Proximity Sensor / Accelerometer
  • Sensitivity: 4.0v/lux-sec
  • Water/dust proofing: IP68
  • Dimensions: 260 x 22 x 11 mm
  • App: GloryFit


Review imageReview imageReview imageReview imageReview image

Setting up the W12 to connect to your phone is a relatively simple affair, however for me at first I could not get the watch to initially pair to the app. I tried resetting the watch, rebooting the phone and dipping Bluetooth on and off repeatedly but to no avail. The solution was to simply delete and then reinstall Imilab's app "GloryFit", and miraculously the phone could now see the watch and it was ready to have my vital statistics plumbed into it and from there it was ready for a little customization. Changing the dial is super simple, and in the companion application, you can download a wide range of faces ranging from the familiar to techy ones and even cutesy animal ones. With over 90 available in the Dial Center, you're bound to find something you like: otherwise, you can upload an image of your choosing and design your own! A couple of these dials wouldn't install while testing, but the majority worked perfectly, downloading and installing in seconds.

The 1.32" TFT display is unquestionably eye-catching, however contrary to the website's official write up I cannot agree that this is a "1.32" 3D HD Screen" as there is absolutely zero 3D going on here whatsoever. The display is definitely larger, smoother and brighter than other similar models and the vibrancy is truly astonishing. I was elated to not see any signs of the antiquated honeycomb UI most smartwatches utilise, instead a cleaner simplified UI is employed whereby there are no groups of icons, just a single list view for you to peruse. Swiping right to left bring up a one-icon-per-swipe selection of the most commonly used apps, such as SP02, heart rate, weather and music controller, whereas swiping left to right brings up the list view with all available applications including sleep monitoring, stopwatch, timer and find phone, as well as the general settings app to alter brightness, view messages, change your dial to one of 6 preinstalled or your current custom one. Swiping bottom to top bring up your messages instantly, which is a nice timesaver, and swiping top to bottom brings up the quick settings shortcuts for brightness, vibration, "Find phone" and "Do not disturb" features.

Review imageReview imageReview imageReview imageReview imageReview image

I found the Imilab W12 smartwatch to be incredibly responsive for everyday use. Once I had configured it to my personal preferences, for example, 50% brightness as opposed to the 75% default value, I also set it up for the screen to stay on 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds, and enabled all my favourite messengers to collect notifications from; the W12 proved to be a valuable and reliable asset for day to day usage, and I never missed a notification or call thanks to vibration alerts. The bright, crisp screen is easily legible, and the fonts are smooth and large enough for the majority to not struggle with. Using this device to track heart, sleep and SP02 metrics was incredibly intuitive and setting it up for a workout is as easy as 1-2-3 thanks to the shortcuts and finger-friendly interface. The companion app, GloryFit, is decent when it works, and perhaps just needs a little tweaking to get it perfect, but overall the connectivity and tracking was quick and completely fuss-free 99% of the time I used it, displaying my compiled data in a way that I could easily understand and evaluate for myself.

The IP68 rating gives you the confidence to wear it in virtually any scenario and the metal and glass materials used are exquisitely composed to give you a premium feeling quality product, which it is certainly smart enough to wear for any formal or casual occasions. I need to mention that the battery life is incredible too; lasting 14 days with average usage, and over 28 days when in standby, though if you use it intensively and if you crank the brightness up and extend the screen dim delay you may feel the need to give it a little more juice every now and then in between these fortnightly charges . If I had one main quibble I think it would be that the bezel around the screen is rather large, giving it an unnecessarily thick black border, so perhaps an even larger screen is required going forward in order to fill that circular void and retain the same overall form factor while gaining an even sleeker edge-to-edge look.

Imilab W12 Discount

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Product link

Coupon code: IMILABWW12

Final Price: $40.99 with free gift Wrist Strap


What We Liked ...
  • Sleek looking metal & glass smartwatch
  • Incredibly comfortable to wear
  • Minimalist UI
What We Didn't Like ...
  • The companion app had various issues
  • Rather large Bezel
out of 10


For a sub £60 smartwatch that isn't plastic and looks so vibrant, the Imilab W12 is a definite steal given its plethora of functionality and dashingly good looks.
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