Review: HuniePop (Computer)

Reviewed by GamerzHell9137, posted Mar 9, 2015
Mar 9, 2015
  • Release Date (NA): January 19, 2015
  • Release Date (EU): January 19, 2015
  • Release Date (JP): January 19, 2015
  • Publisher: HuniePot
  • Developer: HuniePot
  • Genres: Dating Sim - Puzzle
  • ESRB Rating: Mature
  • PEGI Rating: Eighteen years and older
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
There are lots of weird games out there, and one of them for sure, is HuniePop (not in a bad way)
The game developer Huniepot, successfully kickstarted their first game, Hunipop, which is a mishmash of Dating Sim and Puzzle game. It's a fun little game with its harsh/mean humour and naughtyness which doesn't bode well with everyone.


The game starts with the loser protagonist; ie. You, who can't have any kind of conversation with girls because he's too scared to make a move. Sitting in a bar thinking that he won't be able to bed any girl in million years with a doomed face doesn't make him look any better..... but fear not, because there's the magical Love fairy from the fairy land who's here to help you score some "chicks". After the introduction sets in, you and the fairy girl are going outside to find you some girls to talk with. There are 9 girls in total and each girl is introducted with a skit which flows from one girls conversation to another's. The skits basically show you what kind of girls they are and how you're supposed to get their attention. And everybody knows what happens when you get good with a girl, right? If so, then there's no need for me to tell you what the goal of the game is.



The balance between music, voices and art style is great. The writing is hilarious. It's filled with typical tween girl drama and hilarious commentary of the situations during the game. Sound fits with the every locale you visit, and the art of the game is drawn in a gorgeous anime style which is involved in a lot of the plot. All of the lines in the game are voiced in English and by looking like a Japanese-esque game it doesn't lose its charm.
They added a nice touch where you could change from a male to female player which changed the lines in game with the voice acting changing too to the coresponding gender which I found surprising in a positive way.


The gameplay consists of Dating Sim elements and Puzzles sequences.
There are 9 girls to choose from, all with different personalities. You get to know them by talking with them and asking questions like when their birthdays are, what's their favourite season and other stuff like their measurements..... *cough* .
The downside to it is that the same questions are repeated to all of the girls making the game less Dating Sim than other games in the genre. Later on, they ask you questions about the same things and if you get them right, the game will reward you with Love points. Love points can be used for upgrading your skills for "pleasing" the ladies which boost the points you get by making combinations with the tokens in the puzzle part of the game.

The puzzle part is a match-three type of game, similar to Bejeweled. You need to get 3 or more of the same tokens to score, but each girl pefers one token symbol over another.
While Kyanna likes Talent tokens, other girls like Jessie likes Sexuality tokens. In the bottom side of the screen you're gonna find a meter which fills while you score with the token combinations.
Watch out while doing that though, there are Broken Heart tokens, pairing them is going to give you a negative effect on the meter which decreases a hefty amount of affection.

Other than the 4 tokens that boost your score there are; Passion,Sentiment and Joy tokens. Passion tokens increase the Pasion LV which will give you more incoming affection points.
Making a combination with Joy tokens gives you 1 or more extra moves, and Sentiment tokens give you the option to give girls date items which help you during the play of the puzzle game.
Wining or losing at the game grants you with money, the more points you get the more money you get. Later with the money you purchase gifts like food, drinks or items that would unlock new haircuts or outfits for the girls.
Special Date Items are scored when certain gifts are given to the girls and they are used as support items during the date which help you in one way or another.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Final thoughts

Like I said before, it might not bode well with everyone, because once the girls get you lovin' they might send you some raunchy pictures. While the Steam version of the game is the Clean version, there's one more version that's proclaimed the "Steamy" version by the developer.
The difference between the Steam and Steamy version is that the Steamy's version pictures are changed from raunchy to Naughty with a capital N. If you feel like changing to the Steamy version you can find the patch on the Steam forums.

Don't be afraid to try the game out because of the unique surroundings. The addictive puzzle part, funny lines, art and sound makes the game an enjoyable experience.
+ Fun and addictive puzzle game with a twist
+ Gorgeous Anime drawings
+ Baws writting
+ Voice acting
- Dating Sim part is repetetive
- No replayability
9 Presentation
Awesome anime art style, everything's voiced, nice tunes and funny introductions. They had all of the ingrediants and they have made a great stew from it.
6 Gameplay
Puzzle part might be good, but the Dating Sim part isn't indepth enough to say the same. Asking the same questions over and over to the 9 girls gets repetitive and sometimes boring, but the puzzle part fills that void. The game's more of a Puzzle game and less of a Dating Sim game.
3 Lasting Appeal
Once you beat it I don't see a reason to replay it. The game is pretty straightforward, so you probably won't play it again after completing it the first time.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
Not for everyone, but as a game, it's a fun twist on Bejeweled. An addictive puzzle game with a bit of Dating Sim, even though the Dating Sim part is repetitive, the non stop voice acting, drama between the girls, and the sound makes it balanced. There's no replay value to it, but for a simple little game, it offers more than I thought it would.

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