Thank you for this game review.
I tried the demo on PSVR demo disc, but wasn't sure if it was a good game or not. But my main issue wasn't about the story but the VR experience.

You didn't talk about it at all (except the excessive blurriness).
What did you feel being inside the game, like immersive feeling? Is the calibration good or bad, like is your position always correctly rendered or does the game has issues (placing you inside walls, etc.)? how were the movements or the player? did you feel sensation of disorientation when walking around?

Personally, I didn't like the movement system.
First, you can't turn around freely with the Right-stick, the view is going black, and reloading the scene 30° on your left or right.
The flashlight can be directed with both the controller's position in 3D space, or with the VR, creating a conflicting effect and feeling that the flashlight is not well calibrated.
After I noticed that the flashlight was conflicting, I stopped using my controller at all, only using the VR was a lot more natural.
And at the same time, I finally noticed that you could "turn around" with the VR too ! you just "look" where you want to walk, and the player/character you control will "turn" around slooooowly into that direction if you "walk" UP (and not SIDE).

The last issue I found is the speed you move. It's very slow :(

I understand that the developers limited both the walking speed and the free rotation to prevent any disagreement with VR and disorientation sensation.
But I thought it was too limiting and would have like an option to let the player choose what's best for him, not force their choices.

But what I thought was bad (30° fixed rotation), I now think it's not a bad idea !
I played Tomb Raider's Manor chapter in VR, and you have the option of "fixed position" or "free moving". I can say that the free moving is VERY nauseous and disorienting to me. I will have to get used to it if I want to play more action based VR games.
Oct 25, 2016