Review: GOD WARS Future Past (PlayStation Vita)

Reviewed by Prans Dunn, posted Jun 29, 2017
Jun 29, 2017
  • Release Date (NA): June 20, 2017
  • Release Date (EU): June 16, 2017
  • Release Date (JP): June 22, 2017
  • Publisher: NIS America
  • Developer: Kadokawa Games
  • Genres: Tactical RPG
  • ESRB Rating: Teen
  • PEGI Rating: Twelve years and older
  • Also For: PlayStation 4
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
Remember Sony's handheld console? No, not the PSP. The PS Vita. Yes, that one. It recently got a tactical RPG game. Will it convince you to dust off your console?
Prans Dunn


The untold history of Japan

God War's setting is in the mythical land of Mizuho of ancient Japananese folklore, where Gods walk the earth in human and animal forms and also the place where 13 years ago, the now-missing Queen Tsukuyomi sacrificed her beloved daughter Sakuya to appease the anger of the Gods. The story centres around the queen's youngest daughter, Kaguya , who has been in confinement just in case another sacrifice was needed (... yeah, I know...). However she manages to escape from her fate with the help of a childhood friend, Kintaro and his God buddy, Kuma, (... I'm not kidding...) driven by his promise to get her to... safety see the flowers in the mountains.


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Once her thirst to see the mountain flowers is quenched, Kaguya is driven by some feeling to seek out her mother and ask her about her duty as a princess and a sacrifice. And so the quest begins!


Along her journey, the princess is joined by different characters, a lot actually. Not that it makes you OP, but it does get a bit tiring to maintain 6 or even more characters' skill trees, inventories and jobs.

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The story is messy at best but if you dig around a bit, you'll learn that it reflects a contemporary issue; that of humans' overexploitation of nature and the repercussions thereof. But in this game, it is tangible, badass boss Gods who embody the wrath of Mother Nature, and like it or not, you'll be the one tasked to take them on head-on.

The plot might actually have a greater appeal to those familiar with Japanese folklore as GOD WARS loosely adapts elements from Kojiki, Japan's oldest remaining historical chronicle, as well as the chronicles of Shaka, Japan's take on the historical Buddha.


Battling with and against Gods

Battles are themselves the most fun part of the game and are quite challenging, requiring some strategic planning in order to come out victorious, and yes, sometimes, you'll even need to resort to some good old grinding. Worry not as the game is laden with battles, be it through the main quest or side "requests". Enough to level up, enough to get good.


Gamers looking for some old-school tactical RPGs will definitively be served with this title.  The game plays like an old tactical RPG as much as it looks like one. Before each battle, after the victory and defeat conditions have been displayed, you'll get to position your party members on the isometric grid-based map. The battles are turn-based, depending on each character's speed rating and you'll want to carefully calculate your modus operandi as each party member can perform only one action per turn besides moving. You'll also want to keep the "Impurity" levels (which increase with each action) in check as these will increase the likelihood of being targeted by the opponent. Character positioning can be real game-changers, as higher grounds, or side and back attacks will give you an edge. Even being surrounded by allies can be advantageous, given the proper skill. Each character has a plethora of those skills at their disposition, depending on their allocated jobs (more on that in a bit), and the skills can be leveled-up with Job Points acquired after combat. The characters have 3 allocated jobs: main job, side job and unique job. While the latter is the only unchangeable one, you can customize each character to your leisure with the other two and get funky with your choices. On the downside, if you decide to change jobs, each skills associated with the new job will have to be leveled up individually again.

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While battles are key to GOD WARS, the only time you are not battling is when there are cutscenes and/or dialogues. These are either presented as cutscene art with texts that fittingly transition to anime-style animations. They are all professionally executed, even the traditional Japanese soundtrack sets the tone for the game.


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Back to the animation part, the visuals feel dated with their chibi-styled sprites and some basic animations. They even have a niche aspect with its scantily-glad girls, one of who happens to have an ability called "scantily-clad dandy". So, yeah...



Time to dust off that PS Vita?

GOD WARS Future Past is a throwback to the beloved tactical RPG of old. If you've been impatiently waiting for such a title, dust off your handheld at once.. but this game does not stand out much save for its dated graphics and messy plot.

+ Old school tactical RPG system
+ Dynamic gameplay
+ Variety of character jobs and skills customization
- Messy story
- Dated graphics
- Long loading times
6 Presentation
God Wars looks and plays like an older tactical RPG but the cutscenes are quite enjoyable.
9 Gameplay
God Wars greatly implements the traditional tactical RPG mechanics making for fun and challenging battles.
8 Lasting Appeal
With its numerous and challenging battles, side battles and customization possibilities, you'll spend a considerable amount of time on this game.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
If you've been on the look out for some old school tactical RPG, GOD WARS Future Past will deliver. However, its messy storyline, load times and ever-increasing party members downplay its score.

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