Another hole-punched mouse slides into town. With the PC Master Race backing them, has Glorious created the ultimate in lightweight gaming mice?
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If you've been keeping up with the review section, you've no doubt heard the following phrase before: "What if we took a gaming mouse...and punched some holes in it!", in our Cooler Master MM711, Zephyr, Roccat Burst Pro, and Xtrfy M4 reviews. Holy holey mice, Batman, just how many of these things are on the market? Given the recent popularity of lightweight gaming mice, this style seems to have massively blown up over the past year, with competitors entering the fray, all trying to vie to be the best and lightest peripheral out there. In our latest honeycomb adventures, we find ourselves checking out the Glorious Model O.

At this point, nearly every company promises that their version is truly the lightest and smoothest and bestest gaming mouse that money can buy, but what makes any of them stand out from one another? Glorious has already proven itself to be a reliable brand for hardcore enthusiasts in the realm of keyboards, so let's see if they can pull off the same feat when it comes to gaming mice.


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The Glorious Model O is the epitome of "gamer" design; it's sleek, has sharp edges, and of course rocks some nice RGB action. You even get the iconic gloriously-bearded PCMR mascot on the inner side of the mouse. It comes in either black or white, and in matte or glossy coating, giving you lots of different options depending on your preferences. There are 6 buttons on the mouse, which tends to be standard, and each of them can be programmed through the Glorious software. 

At 67 grams, this mouse might as well be weightless. You don't even need to move your wrist to drag the cursor--it's so lightweight that you can push it around with your pinky finger. Surprisingly, while the perforated design is such a major facet of the Model O, the holes are hardly felt when actually using it. One of the few areas of the mouse that aren't hole-punched is the two main buttons. The Omron switches are addictively clicky and springy, so you get good physical and audible feedback on each press. The scroll wheel is notched and feels great to spin, too. 


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If you're the kind of person that operates a mouse with your left hand, you'll be delighted to know that the Glorious Model O is ambidextrous, so it fits perfectly in either hand, though left-handers won't be able to press the side buttons as easily. Regardless of how you hold it, the mouse is incredibly comfortable, and in the weeks of adapting to using such a lightweight device, I frequently forgot I was even holding a mouse at all. That being said, while it fits nicely in my hand, both the mouse and my hands are small; I found that when offering the Model O to my boyfriend to try out, he immediately disliked it due to the mouse being too thin, resulting in hand cramps when trying to use it for extended periods of time. Those with larger hands might want to try the mouse before committing to a purchase. 

Previously, with my experiences using Cooler Master's similar 711 mouse, I found that pressing down too hard on the mouse's shell could trigger some of the buttons, which was a quality concern. When trying to replicate that with the Glorious Model O, I found that this mouse was far better in terms of overall build. The materials are more durable and premium, and even if you're squeezing the mouse with excessive force, you're not going to trigger any of the buttons on accident. Glorious managed to not sacrifice build quality in order to achieve the Model O's feather-light weight. 


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Glorious has lived up to their "master race" hype yet again, with the Glorious Model O. Subtle RGBs, sloped edges that are comfortable to rest your hand on, solid build quality, and being in a nearly unrivaled weight class all combine to create an impressively good gaming peripheral that should grab the attention of anyone even remotely interested in the ultra-light gaming mice phenomenon. 

What We Liked . . . Impressively durable, given how light it is Nice, subtle RGBs Quality mouse feet make for a smooth-as-butter experience What We Didn't Like . . . Those with larger hands might feel cramped using it
out of 10
In terms of price, the Model O is quite competitive, but what really sets it apart is the durable and reliable build quality, making it a top tier choice for anyone interested in getting their hands on a lightweight mouse.
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