Review Approach:

Reviews can get kind of biased sometimes since it is based on personal experience. I think that writing this will get me over that bias as I have asked about the GatorClaw with other people's opinions.
A simple budget controller which is available at an extremely good price.
This is the type of controller where anyone would use it.
It is your typical average everyday controller which simply does the job.
It has no special interactions or extra buttons or button mapping like that of SCUF.
It is durable however that is due to the fact is has a very cheap build quality.
This is to be used by any gamer who doesn't feel the need to use those other controllers which simply provide the elegance and comfort to be used easily in lets suppose competitive competitions.
The cheap buttons and weird R2 and L2 buttons can feel clunky and can sometimes get stuck. As said the build quality is not amazing but it can survive for quite some time before eventually its power drains out.
I'd give this a try if I ever want to play my games casually like single-player or local multiplayer.
What I Liked . . . 1. Can last a long time. 2. Durable 3. Price Friendly What I Didn't Like . . . 1. Not for Competitive 2. At anytime it can stop working 3. Wired
out of 10
It gets the job done in possibly every way but can impact during anytime which can degrade game play experience which isn't fun when playing online.