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Wireless controllers offer great convenience to game tangle-free but the need for constantly charging your batteries/swapping for new ones can be pesky. Fosmon’s Universal Dual Charger that includes two 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs, designed for Xbox controllers, aims to take those woes away. Does it achieve that?


With the wireless convenience that modern controllers offer also comes the need to provide reliable batteries. You don’t want your gamepad to die on you while you’re on a winning streak or in a particularly tense gaming moment. For such emergencies, you’ll want to have new batteries at the ready or recharge your controller well before your gaming sessions start. But it’s easy to forget to charge your AA batteries or get fed up with your wireless controller for eating through your AA battery supplies. 

For these concerns, Fosmon introduced its Universal Dual Charger. It comes as a kit that offers a compact charger and two battery packs so that you’ll always have one spare battery pack as a backup. It costs $40 and comes with the following items:

- 1 x Universal Dual Charger

- 2 x 2200mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Packs

- 1 x 3ft / 1m USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable


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The specs details can be found below:


- Input Voltage: 5v / 1.5A

- USB-C input

- 2 x Charge Indicator LEDs

- 1 x Ambient Lighting LED


- Voltage: 2.4A

- Capacity: 2200mAh

- Battery Type: Rechargeable Ni-MH

If the name didn’t provide any hints, then the design of the charger surely would: the charger has been designed with Xbox controllers in mind. In particular, the Xbox Series X/S comes to mind as the charger is literally shaped as the Xbox Series X console. To top it off, when plugged in, the charger’s upper side emits a green glow akin to the XSX! This particular attention to detail makes this kit standout as it will neatly compliment your gaming setup.

Another welcome and more functional design choice is that of using a USB-C cable to power the charger. Being detachable means that it is easily replaceable and enables for easier storage. As a universal USB-C cable, you can easily plug the accessory to any power source, be it your PC, power bank or console.


Review image Review image 

The charger also integrates two slots on either side to fit in a battery pack in each (or the equivalent of 4xAA batteries in total). There is an LED indicator that lets you know once a side has been recharged and also integrates an overcharge protection. This lets you keep one battery pack topped up while you are gaming so you can have it ready to be swapped when the one in use is running low on juice. But that will take some considerable amount of time as the 2200mAh capacity of each battery pack can offer up to 40 hours of gaming time. I spend my time gaming on and off during the week and I easily play with these plugged into my Xbox Series S controller for over a week. The peace of mind that these battery packs offer can really be felt and will surely be appreciated by any gamer.


However, a downside of the battery pack comes with its design. Fitting them in or taking them out of the charging slot or in an Xbox controller can be finicky. In addition, a full charge can take around 4.5 hours and represents quite some time to wait if you’re out of batteries. Thankfully, having two battery packs to use alternately can help address this issue but not so much if you have a Player 2. In such scenarios, you might need to look for additional battery packs.

As for the charger itself, its standout Xbox design can also be double-edged as the lighting effect cannot be switched off. If you have the charger plugged constantly to a power supply (like an Xbox console), the lighting can be distracting when not in use and having the option to switch it off would be welcome.


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Nevertheless, the Fosmon Universal Dual Charger and Rechargeable Battery Pack kit is a compelling accessory for the Xbox gamer. Not only is the design of the charger complementary to the Xbox Series X but the kit is compact while offering upto 40 hours of gaming via each battery pack. Now, you don’t need such a charger and you might find a cheaper alternative, but this kit stands out with its gaming aesthetic and compact design while not breaking the bank.


What We Liked ...
  • Offers two charging slots that support 2xAA batteries each
  • Battery life of battery pack
  • Xbox Series X-themed design
What We Didn't Like ...
  • Shape of battery pack can lead to finicky insertion
  • Charging time
  • No option to switch off lighting effect
out of 10


With its unique Xbox Series-themed aesthetics, compact design and included battery packs, Fosmon’s Universal Dual Charger kit will deliver on your controller battery needs; and it will do that in style.
Thanks for reminding me I need to order a recharge pack, I honetly like this approach better to where as an internal battery may die sooner.
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