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Slim yet expandable. Minimal yet packing a number of hidden pockets. Is the Laptop Sleeve from Ekster the accessory for the minimalist amongst us?


Hailing from the Netherlands, Ekster is a tech accessory manufacturer that first made its name with a smart wallet. The company has since expanded its repertoire of peripherals to include, among others, a laptop sleeve. You might already own one or might be looking for one, so what does this one offer to stand out from the crowd of what’s perhaps the most simple tech accessory?

Before answering this question, it’s worth noting that Ekster’s products lean more towards the classy aesthetics and come with the price tag to boot. The Laptop Sleeve under review is at a discounted $63 at the time of writing (originally $84). It is designed for 13” laptops and tablets, and can store some extra accessories as well. You’ll find more about the specifications below:

  • Dimensions    0.6 x 14 x 10 in (1.5 x 35 x 25.5 cm)
  • Compatibility    Fits 13" laptops and tablets
  • Storage    Cables, chargers, pens, mouse, notebooks, A4 paper, cards
  • Protection    Soft microfiber lining & padding
  • Charging    Cut-out indents for charging on-the-go
  • Leather    Premium American hides by ECCO
  • Sustainable     LWG gold-rated tanneries, DriTan™ technology

While it is not exactly cheap, the premium craftsmanship is evident from the moment you unpack this peripheral. Indeed, from the outset the Ekster Laptop Sleeve looks and feels like a premium product. The outer textured fabric finish is well sewn and blends seamlessly with the upper leather flap (available in 3 colors). The latter is also of high quality and uses ECCO Leather’s DriTan technology for minimal environmental impact. 


Review image Review image

The inner lining consists of protective microfiber padding from edge to edge that, in addition to providing some peace of mind when storing your device in, provides a very appealing tactile feedback. The sleeve also securely holds your laptop/tablet thanks to the discrete magnetic closure mechanism embedded in the leather flap. As such, the laptop sleeve will provide all-round protection for your laptop/tablet while looking classy.

But this sleeve does not end at just being a peripheral to slide your laptop in. Even if it packs a slim profile, it is expandable (to some extent) and packs a number of elastic storage and hidden pockets. In addition to the main compartment for your laptop/tablet, you will find in front of it two pockets suitable for earphones and a charging cable. At the back is a rather deep hidden compartment that, depending on the thickness of your tablet, can even fit a notebook. On the outer back layer is a stretchable band that is segmented to hold in smaller accessories/devices like a pen, card holder or even a phone.

Ekter says that its Laptop Sleeve can store cables, chargers, pens, mouse, notebook and more. They also separately sell a tracker card that can fit in one of the back compartments so that you can further enhance the security of your tech belongings and track them wherever they are. 

Of course, what this sleeve will carry will vary from person to person. I can easily fit in my Microsoft Surface Pro 3, its charger and pen, as well as have space left for my phone. At other times, I carry in my e-reader and Nintendo Switch. If you so wish, you can also charge your laptop while it is in the case thanks to the cut-out indents included for this purpose. And I really like that I don't have to stick to using it as a laptop sleeve but can fit in other tech and non-tech devices to suit my needs on a day-to-day basis.


 Review image Review image

As such, this Laptop Sleeve is quite versatile, but don’t expect to carry more than what a bag can carry. But given its slim profile and expandable aspect, this sleeve can already store more than what you might think. And so it really strikes me as being odd that Ekster didn’t offer the option to have a shoulder strap. Such an option would have been very welcome as it could really make the device be doubly as useful so that you don’t have to hold it in one hand all the time. This would be even more welcome for people who, like me, cycle on their commute. So, unless you can spare a hand to hold the sleeve, you will have to bring along another bag to carry it along with you. This somewhat defeats the purpose of the sleeve’s minimalist ethos and further makes the lack of a shoulder strap option more glaring.

Also, given that the Laptop Sleeve comes in only one size, it might not fit the needs for other people who might have larger tablets. A larger option would also offer more storage space which would not be amiss.

As a whole, Ekster’s Laptop Sleeve will surely appeal to those with a soft spot for minimalist aesthetics. And even if it executes this look with a classy, premium touch, it does not compromise on the accessory compartments which are surprisingly abundant in this slim sleeve; and this is how it really stands out as a laptop sleeve.


What We Liked ...
  • Packs premium quality, looks and feel
  • Elastic & hidden pockets for storage of additional accessories
  • Minimalist aesthetic yet expandable
What We Didn't Like ...
  • Lack of shoulder strap option
  • Comes in only one size
out of 10


Ekster’s Laptop Sleeve delivers on the minimalist appeal with a sleeve that is really a slim storage case that packs a decidedly classy look.
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