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In our latest look into gaming chairs, I put my comfort on the line to try one of E-Win's Flash series.


E-Win's Flash series doesn't seem all too different from the rest of their chairs, the higher price tag coming from the fact it's more suitable for larger people and as such can support more weight. Having not weighed myself in several years, and going on the fact people enjoy calling me tall, I figured trying the FLG-XL (not the most memorable name) would be a good idea. If you want to take a look at their guide for which chair would suit you best, you can find it here.

Packaging and Assembly

The chair arrived in a reasonably-sized E-Win branded box. After hobbling up the stairs with it in my arms, I collapsed into my flat and proceeded to get it open and assembled. I'm not quite sure what I expected to find, but it somehow felt more assembled than I had first thought.


I really did expect it in more parts than this.

With the back, the seat cushion, and the base included, the task was as simple as binding them together using the included tools. Line it up, screw it in; simple and quick. The instructions included in the box had diagrams to show the order to assemble, and following it I faced no problems at all. The back first attached to the seat, wheels to the base, the base to the pole, and finally everything together. As somebody who has never so much as assembled IKEA furniture, it took me about 20 minutes. After assembly, I jumped into the finished product. It felt stable and secure, supporting my weight well and impressing me from the get-go.


This is Yoshi's throne now.

What Makes an E-Winner?

It's hard to say exactly what I love about the chair; it's comfortable to a divine degree. Sporting some high density memory foam inside the seat and back, I feel as though I'm sinking into it, despite it offering ample resistance to support me nicely. I'm particularly surprised by just how much of a difference the two cushions make in my ability to be sat down for extended periods of time. The lower cushion in particular is something I've never had in a chair before, and it's not something I notice all too much as I'm sat; it's standing up that feels odd afterwards. Standing up from the chair for the first time, I was almost confused at the sudden lack of support for my back. The upper cushion is something I find conflict in. It restricts my ability to lean back fully, but supports my neck nicely in my usual position of sitting slightly forwards. If I do want to lean back for a while, the cushion does detach using a simple clip, so this isn't all that much of an issue.


The finished product! Do excuse the mess behind the chair.

Each part of the chair can be tweaked for the sitter's liking. The arms twist, raise, lower, and slide out and in; the back reclines to the point of feeling like a dentist's chair; and the whole thing can of course be raised and lowered. The arms feel sturdy and the flat surface is a good place to use a wireless mouse if you find yourself watching films or playing something like Yu-Gi-Oh on the PC.


Review image

Can I recommend this specific chair? If you have the cash and are wanting something to support you as you work, one hundred percent. I can see this as an ideal choice for somebody working from home who needs to be sat at a computer for an extended period of time. For a gaming chair, it's a little more difficult; it comes down to how much you can justify putting into your comfort. While this specific chair is currently on sale for £364, people with a smaller frame can look to the other models such as the Championship series for a similar experience. I recommend consulting the site's guide if you're interested to find the best chair for you.

I'd like to extend thanks to E-Win Racing for providing a chair for us to try. If you want to take a look for yourself, you can check them out below:


What We Liked ...
  • The comfiest thing I've ever sat in
  • Easy to assemble
  • Every part of it can be tweaked
  • Large amount of space on the arms
What We Didn't Like ...
  • Rather expensive
out of 10


E-Win's FLG-XL gaming chair has surprised me. Moving from a normal desk chair to this has been a more pleasant experience than I could have possibly imagined, each element coming together to create something comfy beyond my expectations. If you have the cash to splash, I recommend it wholeheartedly.
Nice Chair! Now I want a rumblepak suit that throws me around my room when hit by bulletfire! XD
Oh ma gerd, another copy of DX Racer. There's never enough of them.
On the serious note, companies who make these...try to innovate and not copy paste.
We have gazillion of these same chairs now. Why not try something unique?
Oh ma gerd, another copy of DX Racer. There's never enough of them.
On the serious note, companies who make these...try to innovate and not copy paste.
We have gazillion of these same chairs now. Why not try something unique?
I didn't mention this in the review since it's not really to do with the chair, but E-Win have a hilarious comparison of their chairs to other non-specifically branded chairs, looking through it honestly broke me lol
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Why are gamers so exigent these days? Just sit on the sofa, sit on a normal chair, just sit anywhere like everyone else!!
Why are gamers so exigent these days? Just sit on the sofa, sit on a chair, just sit anywhere like everyone else!!
Yeah, I'm not sure I really agree with the whole gaming chair branding these things get. They're great chairs, but what makes them ~~~gaming~~~ chairs? I remember some of the older game chair designs at least had aux plugs in them for your earphones. Like, that adds to the gaming experience, so I can understand the name. These are just super comfy chairs. Sure you can play games in em but it's not as though they're made for gaming to be the exclusive action.
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