A few tips for your next review having just read your blog ♪

You can create headers for sections of your review using the following BB code:
It'd look like this in your review:


It makes the review easier on the eyes, since the blue title bars break up text nicely. To this end, you can also include images. The ones you have put across the point you're going for well enough, but the lack of them throughout makes it a bit of a slog.

Another critique would be your italicising. Be consistent. I see you italicised the game title when mentioned, but you didn't do any other games you talked about. I'd either say italicise them all or italicise none (though preferably do them all since it makes them much easier to pick out as game titles).

Aside from those, you do ramble a little, but it seems on topic enough to be justifiable. Keep it up friendo, you may not get all the views you want by posting in the member reviews, but you should hopefully get a little attention.

Edit: Also your reviews should simply be the game's title, nothing more. These aren't articles, though you're free to make an accompanying blog post if you want to.
May 23, 2018
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