Good short review! It would be nice if you could provide some screenshots and explain a few things more in depth.

Something to keep in mind for future reviews (using this one as an example): Explain more why you like the controls, and if it is possible show comparison screenshots on how the expansion pak makes the graphics better (either through screenshots taken online, or make your own).
What's in the museum that you don't like is missing? Does it have a function that you miss, or do you just miss a museum building? The same goes for Able's Sisters shop... what's that?
And donate to the museum (that doesn't exist?) and then sell / display in your hose... sell or display what?
Write like your readers don't know about this game (or other games in the franchise). :)

I'll look forward to reading more reviews in the future, perhaps another entry in the Animal Crossing franchise?
Jan 27, 2016
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