This seems less like a review of DOS:EE, and more of a review of the changes to the original game. There's nothing wrong with that, per se, but it'd be great if you at least mentioned what the game's about, what kind of gameplay it has, or even just linked to a review of the original version. Anywhoo, to comment on a couple of things you said:
  1. Voice acting was done for absolutely every NPC (at least the ones I talked to, which I imagine were all of them). Heck, they even gave voice acting to rats.
  2. Tactician mode does change the encounters. More enemy skills, enemies with auras that do things like make anyone nearby immune to certain elements or gives everyone nearby an Iniative buff, makes more enemies join the fray when you kill a certain amount of the enemies that were already present, etc. I certainly had to reload my saves plenty of times because of unexpected things happening. In fact, of the 80 hours I spent playing the game, 10 hours of it was just from reloading after wiping. My only gripe is that it gets significantly easier as you progress. Seems to be common for this type of game, unfortunately.
Nov 18, 2015
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