Review: Death Stranding Soundtrack Vinyl (Hardware)

Reviewed by Prans Dunn, posted Apr 11, 2017
Apr 11, 2017
While we await the release of the eccentric video game designer's new title, the limited edition Death Stranding soundtrack vinyl is here to fill the void.
Prans Dunn


Let's face it: it might be years before Hideo Kojima's WIP game Death Stranding hits our consoles. Or not. We have no idea. While we've had two trailers, we have no release date; so as we wait for more details, we can spend some time listening to its official vinyl record with tracks from indie band Low Roar featured in both trailers.

Vinyls of the 21st Century

In this digital age, physical medium is becoming a rarity. More so when it comes to music. Nowadays, music is streamed, downloaded, and uploaded but rarely is it seen being passed around in the physical storage formats like the CDs and DVDs of yesteryears. One could almost say that music storage is bound to the digital format. Who even remembers, let alone uses, an even older medium such as vinyl these days?

Well, apparently a lot. More than we could expect actually. It was last December itself that vinyls outsold streaming music in the UK for the first time ever.

The video game industry has also been leaning on this format of late with several video game soundtracks getting the vinyl treatment. Online stores like Mondotees and iam8bit are bringing old and new games' soundtracks to the format, complete with the 'officially licensed' tag.

We've been given the opportunity to take the newly released Death Stranding soundtrack vinyl record for a spin thanks to Mondotees. So let's hear it out!

An Affordable Collectible

An officially licensed a video game soundtrack can easily have an asking price of $25 or more; and it can fetch for even more if it's in the format of a fancy vinyl record. Even the new Final Fantasy XV CD set is at $25.69. Yet, the Death Stranding record is priced at $15.

This limited edition memorabilia is a 12" single of Low Roar's song "I'll Keep Coming", and "Easy Way Out" both featured in the cryptic trailers of Hideo Kojima's upcoming Death Stranding.

This E3 2016 trailer features "I'll Keep Coming" as soundtrack

The 'PSX 2016:Low Roar Version' trailer with the "Easy Way Out" track

Unique Artwork & Music

The cover bears original artwork by Randy Ortiz while the record itself has a unique look being a clear 180g pressing with heavy black splatters; all evoking the dystopic atmosphere that the trailers seem to emanate.





This unique-looking vinyl record feels sturdy and delivers quality music, worthy of an official product. Nevertheless, you get what you pay for. It contains only two tracks by Low Roar, one on each side; "I'll Keep Coming" on Side A and "Easy Way Out" on Side B. Note that the record is at 45 rpm, so you might need to adjust your player's settings before mounting the record.

Side A excerpt

Side B excerpt

For my part, I've enjoyed the record both as a collectible and a music piece; I happen to like Low Roar's music and I'm actively listening to the record while the cover with its original artwork is a pretty addition to my collection. At a very affordable price and branded as a limited edition official product, this high quality product will satisfy audiophiles and collectors alike and if you're both, you're in for a treat!


+ Affordable licensed merch
+ Original cover artwork
+ Unique vinyl record look
+ Quality music
- Only two tracks
out of 10
At $15, this officially licensed product is worth a buy for collectors or if you need some new tracks for your record player.

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