By My Arcade® , company known by creating other products as gamepads for the classic edition Nintendo® consoles (NES and SNES), famous microarcades of games like Pac-Man™ and Galaga™, and simple plug-and-play consoles, comes the Comfort Grip for the New Nintendo 2DS XL.
The Comfort Grip is a rubber/silicone cover for the New Nintendo 2DS XL, in the vein of other silicone grips by dreamGEAR. It includes a simple cover for the top half of the console, and a semi-solid grip made of the same material.
It provides not only protection, but also a grip feature that the 3DS/DS consoles have never had because of it's almost flat style.

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The box is simple, yet efficient to tell us the characteristics: Made out of a rubber-ish silicone with an ergonomic design for the comfort, with an anti-slipery texture that is great for kids, people with sweaty hands, or people who don't want the console to be scratched by friction with other surface. Also in the front of the box, it has a tiny window that let you feel the texture of it, so you don't have to open the box to feel the texture of the silicone.
Inside it comes with the cover/grip in two halfs, one for the top part and one for the bottom part of the console. It includes manuals of how to put on the cover and the grip to the console; pretty easy stuff but it becomes handy for little children when trying to put on the thing.

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The cover is anti-slipery and protects from scratches on the front of the top half of the console, that can (and it's pretty possible that they will) happen. On the top of the cover it has the logo of My Arcade.
It doesn't cover the hinge, neither the front camera (that sort of pokes out when the console it's closed). For the inside part it holds to the edge of the screen, meaning it doesn't covers any of the screen.

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For the bottom part with the grip, it's a standard double handle just like a modern controller has, but instead of being curved just like a controller one (and other grips for other 3DS consoles), they are two semi-solid, rubber textured bars. The grip is good and consistent, giving a natural handle to the console, and is great for people who are used to the flat design of the console, because when you grab it is as natural as grabbing the console without any grip, but more comfortable.
It has access to all the ports, even the cardtridge slot (that I couldn't take a proper picture, sorry) and a plastic cover for the buttons, that it gives a good protection against hits to that corners of the console, without taking away the possibility to use the L, R, ZL, and ZR buttons. And although the power button is covered by the bottom part, the capability of turning on and off without taking of the cover isn't compromised, so you don't have to suffer to press the Power button with the cover on.

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Now, the meat of the review: the inside part.
A lot of people have seen those protective covers for the original Nintendo 2DS, but those almost always have covers for the buttons and the d-pad, and while it's protective, it takes away a lot of the good feeling of clicking one of the buttons, giving a mushy and non satisfactory click. Now, that is one hell of advantage with this cover, because this one doesn't have those button covers. And because of that it gives a good click and makes pressing the buttons not a big chore, and even the ones that have the cover (the Start, Select and Home buttons) are covered in a proper way, and because of it doesn't take away the capability of clicking those buttons, giving instead a nice and regular click, just with a rubber type silicone over them.
The cover grips incredibly, and doesn't interfere with the use of the console.


What I Liked . . . Anti-slipery material. Nice grip for a flat console. Doesn't compromise the click of the buttons. Great protective capabilities. What I Didn't Like . . . Not a grip in the traditional form shape. The texture can be a little bit uncomfortable compared to the console's plastic texture.
out of 10
A great grip and a great cover. The material is good quality and it doesn't compromise any capability of the system. Good if you want some protection for the outside of the console, with a grip included.


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