User Review: Avantree Leaf DG50(On Switch) (Hardware)

By k3rizz3k, Aug 6, 2018 (updated Dec 28, 2018) 2,141 0 0

Review Approach:

In this review I'll be testing audio quality, battery drain effect, and range. Testing with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Stardew Valley. Will explain differences in quality over this and 3.5mm jack. Testing with Arctic P604 Bluetooth headphones.
The Avantree Leaf is a small bluetooth dongle that is purely plug and play, performing the bluetooth processing itself, leaving less for the host to process.
Hello GBATemp! I wanted to share my experiences with this device, in my search of privacy and to not bother others in the house. The Avantree Leaf uses the Native HDMI sound output built in the Nintendo Switch USB-C port, and allows you to connect bluetooth sound devices like speakers and headphones to the switch, so that you don't have a wire hanging to get caught on things. The Leaf did not come with a USB-C otg cable, so you'll need one of these to use this for handheld mode. I had one from my MagicNX that I was able to use, but any that work with the switch will work with this. leafswitch4.jpg It will also work with the dock. The price of this device at the time of purchase was 29.99 USD on Amazon.

Let's get started! The build quality of this device is nice, and it doesn't feel cheap. It is white, with a light green rubberized strap around it. leafswitch3.jpg

In the box:
Leaf dongle
USB Extension cable
User Guide
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To pair my headset to the Leaf, I simply plugged the leaf and the otg cable into the switch and turned it on. The leaf automatically went into pairing mode due to being the first time turning it on. I put my headphones into pairing mode, and they connected within about 10 seconds. Success! I needed to do nothing else to get it to work.

Booting up Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I immediately noticed a difference in the sound. Before this I was pretty happy with the sound from 3.5mm Jack headphones, but after hearing the full rich sound coming through the HDMI output, I can honestly say that I would never be satisfied again. The quality was like going from Radio to CD audio quality, and no cord to get tangled. The audio was pristine, crisp, and clear.
Battery life without this dongle with XenoBlade Chronicles 2 Was around right around 3 hours, and with the dongle, dropped to about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

When playing Stardew Valley, the sound was good, as the quality of the sound was never AAA with this game, I can just say it worked. Typical battery life for me with Stardew Valley is 5 hours and a few spare minutes. With the dongle attached, it dropped to 4 hours and 45 minutes.

As for range, I tested by walking away from the switch and seeing how far I could go before it started cutting out. In handheld mode, I could get about 30 feet away before it started. In docked mode the range was extended to around 50 feet. I'm assuming this is because handheld mode puts the dongle into low power mode.

leafswitch1.jpg leafswitch2.jpg
What I Liked . . . Plug and Play with the switch (As long as you have an otg cable, or use the dock Low power draw Only otg cable, No more cables! HDMI audio throughput, higher quality than 3.5mm jack What I Didn't Like . . . Price Needs separate cable for handheld mode No voice chat - GuliKit Route+ Pro does this
out of 10
I think this device is a great value for the switch, if you want privacy and sound quality without the cords to get tangled in everything. To me, with a small kid the TV is always loud, the purchase was a great value. Updated score due to new options out there with voice chat support, as some want that.