Today on Chairtemp Reviews, we’ll be taking a look at the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 premium gaming chair!
Jordan Ryan


Coming off my first experience with AndaSeat, I was definitely hungry to take a look at more in the world of gaming chairs. Though the aesthetic isn’t for everyone, I’m personally a fan of the racing chair style, and was impressed with how much the company was able to mix style and comfort, even while rocking a chair that didn’t just express who my favorite Avenger was, but made it glaringly obvious to anyone who entered my home office or saw me on a Zoom call. So when AndaSeat offered me the opportunity to check out another one of their chairs, this one touting higher parts and a size fit for a king, I was immediately interested. How does the T-Pro 2 series gaming chair compare? Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite list in a review, some tech specs!

Tech Specs



The build quality is superb on this chair, as I’m starting to expect when it comes to AndaSeat’s offerings. Every piece of this chair just feels built to last, from the fully steel frame and heavy aluminum base to the fabric seat covering. Once again the plastic screw coverings for the sides of the chair do feel noticeably cheaper than the rest of the chair, but they’re merely cosmetic so I’m more willing to forgive this as it doesn’t affect the actual function of the chair. Much like with the Iron Man chair, assembly was a relatively simple matter. The difference with this one being that with the higher quality build materials comes the extra weight in the materials themselves. It didn’t necessarily make assembly harder on its own, but the weight mixed with the bulk of some of these did mean I had to recruit the help of my wife to get some of the larger pieces put on, especially later in the assembly game. That said, it definitely would’ve been doable had I been on my own. This chair is definitely not light, weighing in at 61.5 lbs once it’s been put together. Granted this isn’t even the heaviest AndaSeat chair out there, as some can reach upwards of 70lbs net weight. But compared to the “average” net weight of 50-55 lbs or so, this does stand out as a bit heavier. 

In terms of comfort, the T-Pro 2 definitely doesn’t disappoint. While this still fits the general aesthetic of a racing-style gaming chair, the linen fabric material covering the molded foam does wonders to add to the comfort value. While I don’t find the leather material on the Iron Man gaming chair uncomfortable, this fabric definitely feels more natural and is a definite upgrade in my book. It also is designed in such a way that it doesn’t necessarily scream “gaming chair,” making this a solid option for anyone who wants to be a bit more subtle if they’re, say, joining virtual meetings for work from home and don’t want to use a chair with flashy colors, or repping their favorite superhero. The head and lumbar pillows are made from a soft velour material that adds to the comfort while helping your posture. The lumbar back pillow I especially love, as it’s actually shaped and molded to sit comfortably against your back. Compared to the lumbar pillow on my previous experience with an AndaSeat chair, where it was much more similar to a standard pillow, this was noticeably nicer and I actually find myself using the lumbar pillow rather than just tossing it into the corner. The chair also passively reclines without the need to adjust your backrest angle, but this is something I actively have to choose to do; sitting upright is still just as easy as rocking back, and doesn’t recline unless you actively shift weight to do so. In short, the comfort value that this chair offers really does make this the most comfortable chair that I own.


One thing that drew me to this chair is that it’s built for larger folks; with a maximum weight of 441 lbs, AndaSeat definitely isn’t kidding when they describe this as being “super king size.” I’m not quite that heavy, but I’m definitely on the larger side in terms of my weight so the extra sitting room that this provides is very nice, and makes the chair noticeably more comfortable to me. The chair itself just feels bigger when sitting in it compared to most other chairs I’ve sat in, and that’s including my original AndaSeat chair. It isn’t so obnoxiously big as to be a nuisance, but the backrest is both taller and deeper and the seat is wider to support larger frames, which in turn adds to the comfort value. In terms of other features on the chair, the four-dimensional arm rests are back and though there’s still no cushioning on them, they still get the job done in terms of support and encouraging proper sitting posture, and by no means are they uncomfortable. The chair can recline to a 160 degree angle, but in testing this I found it didn’t really compliment the passive reclining rocker very well. Rather I felt like I was going to tip the chair over completely if I moved in the wrong way. It’s a shame, but rarely do I find myself reclining the chair that much anyway. And in fact, I much prefer the rocker on the chair to just reclining anyway, as it gives a more natural option for readjusting on the fly than reaching for a lever. 

All told, I find it hard not to be a fan of this gaming chair. It might be a bit on the pricier side, costing around $550 retail, but that cost is reflected in the chair’s build. The durable, hefty materials give the impression of a chair that’s built to last, and to hold up to use. It’s often said that you get what you pay for, and with this chair I feel that it lives up to the “premium” in its name, in terms of quality, comfort, and style. 



After posting the review, AndaSeat alerted me that T-Pro 2 gaming chair is currently available for $115 off, via a coupon on Amazon! The offer will be available until April 18th, 2021.

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What We Liked . . . High quality build and materials Great comfort Ergonomically designed lumbar pillow Designed with big & tall folks in mind What We Didn't Like . . . Heavy materials made solo assembly challenging A bit on the pricey side
out of 10
With incredible comfort and build quality, the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 series chair manages to easily impress and earn its higher price tag.


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