Review: Amiiqo! Unofficial GBATemp Review (Hardware)

Reviewed by Kyouhei, posted Aug 13, 2015, last updated Aug 13, 2015
Review by: Kyouhei / Ethan Obi Completed on 13/8/15
Aug 13, 2015
Amiibo! the figure collectors pride, the profit-hunters holy grail, and Nintendo's current flagship gimmick. On june 28th, seemingly out of nowhere, a "flashcard" company made a splash into the Amiibo scene, with a product titled 'Amiiqo'. boasting storage for 200 amiibo, as well as coming with 10 amiibo pre-loaded, is this product worth it's $80 MSRP?
Developed by Amiiqo
The Package==============
from the front It looks like the packaging is very simplistic, turn it over, and I noticed it was basically held shut by a sticker, kinda silly, but it does its job. it was shipped very securely(BUBBLE WRAP, WHOOOOOOO!) and not the slightest sign of damage to be seen.
Right out of the package it includes 10 Amiibo, but what if you want more? You'll need a NFC capable android device, and the Amiiqo app, once it's on your phone, you'll be presented with a screen saying to touch the back of your phone to the Amiiqo disc, once done, you will be presented with a screen with 3 options:
Set bank count allows you to set the number of banks Amiibo can be added to, and the number of banks goes up to 200
Manage bank allows you to add and remove Amiibo, the drawback is you have to manually add them one by one, so if you have a bunch of Amiibo, you're gonna be adding them for a while.
Once you get your Amiiqo set up, now what? get playing with Amiibo in your games, of course!
You simply push the button on your Amiiqo disc to switch Amiibo banks, then set it on the Wii U/N3DS NFC reader, and bam! simple process. If you have a lot of Amiibo on it, you might have to cycle through them for a while, and after each cycle, you have to hover over the N3DS/Wii U GamePad to check which Amiibo it's on.(Unless you have super good memory of the order in which you put Amiibo in)

Thanks to Amiiqo for sending me a review copy.
+ Holds up to 200 Amiibo figurines,
+ Easy to switch between amiibo
+ Works with 3DS and Wii U
+ Allows you to have multiple files of the same amiibo figure
- Requires an NFC compatible android smart phone/tablet
- Adding amiibo one by one is very tedious
- No Easy way of knowing what Amiibo the disc is using without activating NFC
out of 10
All in all the Amiiqo, being the first of it's kind, brings a heck of a lot to the table, with a nearly complete Amiibo collection dump already on the internet, and the Profit-seeking Amiibo-Hoarders still at large, Amiiqo is a fairly great product idea! Thanks to Amiiqo for sending me a review copy.

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