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Product Information:

Let's take a look at Ace Teams new multi-function 3DS flash cart.


The Flames Make It Go Faster!

Official Features List:

  • Hardware: Ace3DS X has a small switch for changing between 3DS mode and DS mode
  • (In 3DS mode)Pre-flashed NTRBOOT, supports installing boot9strap and then playing 3DS CIA games on New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXL with any firmware version including 3DSv11.6.0-39
  • (In DS mode)Includes all the features of ace3ds plus and supports ds games on New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXLV11.6.0-39, DSiXL/DSiV1.45 and DS/DS lite
  • Supports microSD card in FAT32 and up to 128GB
  • One microSD card is needed for Ace3DS X when installing boot9strap to 3DS

Package Contents

  • MicroSD to USB Reader
  • Ace3DSX Flash Cart
  • Small Magnet


As with their previous product, the flash cart is enclosed inside of, what appears to be at first glance, an oversized SD card reader from 2002. Without prior knowledge of this, I opened my packet from China that was innocuously labelled through customs as "SD Reader" wondering just what the heck I had received. As the gears started to turn, I realized the housing was just the right size to fit a 3DS cart inside of, and gently pried open the plastic housing to find everything neatly nestled inside. Not gonna lie, I kinda felt like an international super spy.

I had a problem with the SD reader the first time I tried to use it and had to re-seat the MicroSD twice before it would read properly, but then it worked fine every time after. The little magnet isn't neodymium or anything crazy like that, but it worked perfectly to trigger the sleep/lid closed sensor on both my old and new 3DS models.

It does not come with any directions, and you won't find a manual of any kind on their website, but there is a YouTube video listed along with the product details that shows you how to work everything.

Finally, the website says that you need to use a FAT32 formatted MicroSD inside the flash cart to use it, even in NTR mode. They have listed that it supports 32GB as its maximum capacity, but I was able to use a 128GB MicroSD formatted as FAT32 and it seemed to work just fine-- however I should note that I only tested a few games and never went past 32GB of capacity, but I don't think that would make a difference. I suspect the capacity limit is due to the fact that most operating system don't want you to format anything larger than 32GB as FAT32 and thus won't provide you the option without jumping through some hoops first. Update-- The site now indicates that you can use up to a max of 128GB, so I don't see why a larger card like 256GB wouldn't work, but is probably untested.


Oooh! Whats This Button Do?



The switch appears to toggle the chip selection on two (1/2MiB) flash chips that correspond with what seems to be 2 separate FPGAs epoxied to the back of the cart. The decision to have 2 FPGAs is a strange decision, as opposed to just having the switch toggle which SPI to read from, but it works nonetheless.

The first position, marked 3DS, enables the cart to act as a pre-flashed NTR device, which can be used to modify ANY firmware or model revision 3DS/2DS. Some DS flash carts already support this, however you must flash them into NTR mode first, then flash them back to normal afterwards, which could have potential issues and (let's be honest) who wants to go through all that anyway?

In its second position, marked DS, it acts like a normal DS flash cart with support for 3DS consoles. The only downloads they offer for this mode, however, are the Ace Wood firmware files from 8/17/2013. Most of the features, homebrew, and compatibility have already been tested by a GBAtemp reviewer on an older cart the company produces-- and you can check that out (HERE).

Everything works with only a handful of files, and I was able to install Boot9Strap with Luma CFW in less than 15 minutes on one of my older 3DS units with no issues at all. For $18-$25 (depending on the vendor) this is a great, inexpensive little cart to have around for modding and running all your favorite classic (legally obtained!) DS ROMs. Since it supports all current and future firmware versions, this will probably be the last hardware investment you will ever have to make for the 2DS/3DS line of consoles.

A sample of the Ace3DSX was provided to us by the Ace Team. You can check out the manufacturer's device page here:


Product Video


What We Liked ...
  • Solid Case and SD Slot Construction
  • Easily Mod Any 2DS/3DS
  • Zero Re-Flashing Required
  • Inexpensive ($18-$25)
What We Didn't Like ...
  • Old DS Software
  • Poor Instructions
out of 10


If you aren't looking for more advanced emulation features in your flash cart, then the Ace3DSX is shaping up to be the be-all-end-all for the 3DS line of consoles.
i like it
can i flash other payloads to it or no?
It has one built in, you won't need to ever change it because it looks for the payload on the system SD card to boot, so you can just change whatever version of B9S installer you want that way.
but what if i wanted to flash my own payload to the cart to test its ntrboot mode?
would i be able to reflash the cart?
but what if i wanted to flash my own payload to the cart to test its ntrboot mode?
would i be able to reflash the cart?

I don't know, I didn't try it cause I didn't have a custom ntrboot payload to test xP
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What do you want to mean :

"old DS software" ?

And where can I buy it ?

Go to their site and they have a list of vendors sorted by country :) Basically the Ace Wood firmware hasn't been updated in years, but it works well so I guess there is no reason to update it?
That's cool and all, I'll definitely recommend this to my friends (they don't really understand the guide XD)
But does it passively drain battery like the supercard dstwo? This seems pretty legit other than the fact that my battery would get murdered
still remember that i paid my hard earned 80 bucks to Gateway just used for few months then later Mset hack came out, this card costs only 19.99.....bruh
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Dammit, this would be perfect if it came with the latest WoodR4...

If my only interest is playing DS Titles, the R4i Gold 3DS RTS is still the best option, I suppose?
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Already way better than the R4i 3DS B9S. Only drawback, the DS part is Ace3DS software, so non-reflashable, bad compatibility. Interesting nonetheless. Also scandal! This flashcart is better than Odyssey? Clickbait! /s
It's good to see this card is back to life in better use than being a cheap clone. It used to be an R4 clone in the DS days maybe it is still
ALL ds software is old. Ever since wood 1.62 was released, and nintendo stopped blocking, there has never been a need to update. The only DS cards that ARE still updating their kernels have timebombs.
r4i gold is a higher quality cart with a nice chip in it. Ace3dsx has cheaper parts, but it has a decent kernel. it lags a bit in some games, but stuff does work unless you got a crap sdcard.

only problem is it doesn't have a hole in the back of the shell to access the switch.
What is this time bomb people referring to? :unsure:
it's just a time check that prevents you from using the card if it's past certain time, for example, 3 months after the date of the latest update. If it's too old, it refuses to run. but all you have to dois to set the DS to another date and vioala! you fooled the time bomb
it's just a time check that prevents you from using the card if it's past certain time, for example, 3 months after the date of the latest update. If it's too old, it refuses to run. but all you have to dois to set the DS to another date and vioala! you fooled the time bomb
Why would something like this exist? Is like renting a game, not owning one O_O
I just bought one
gonna see if I can reflash when it arrives
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