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Reviewed by UltraMew, posted Aug 26, 2013
Well, this is just a 3/DS case, but it's an excellent one at that! I enjoy it.
Aug 26, 2013
The 3DS Pull & Go Folio is a game, system, and charger case for DS and 3DS systems.
The 3DS is a case. Yep. Basic stuff. I'm gonna go along here and base it on 3 things: Apperance, Durability, and Content.

It isn't a hard case, but it could protect from falls. It is very bulky, so that's a very little problem to deal with because it is plenty safe.

On the inside, it has 27 3/DS game slots, that work for DS legit, 3DS legit, and flashcart storage. There is a stylus holder, a pouch that holds anything (preferably chargers) and the Velcro-attached 3/DS case itself. In it, there are 2 game slots, perfect for your best/favorite games. It doesn't come with anything else like styluses, earbuds, or car chargers, so that's that.

There are 3 types to my knowledge: New Super Mario Bros. 2, blue standard, and red standard. I was lucky and got NSMB2. The NSMB2 one is basically like the box for said game. The red/blue have a DS logo shown on it, with background of said color, to my knowledge. They are ~1-1.5 inches smaller than NSMB2 one, same price.
+ Quite safe
+ Stylish
+ Holds everything
- No pack-in content
- Only a few designs
- Bland ones are smaller
out of 10
It is a very fantastic case for your 3/DS and games, and if you are willing to pay $20, it is a very nice case! I recommend it a lot!

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