WiiMC-SMB Share- Error- Please Help.

Asked by bigredcape, Mar 20, 2011 529 2

bigredcape asks:
hey, guys,
I really need some help and I am not sure who to ask. First, let me say that I have really enjoyed using WiiMC and have been using it and the SMB Share feature for a few months right now. I love it!
Sadly, i went to watch a movie today via stream through the SMB Share feature like I normally do and it’s not working at all. None of my settings have changed, I’ve done nothing differently, and now it’s not working! Ugh! This is so frustrating!
I get the following error:
“Failed to connect to network share.”
I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it’s still not working.
I would really appreciate any help that would lead to this issue getting resolved. I also tried disconnecting then reconnecting my network drive, creating a new network drive, and everything else I could thing off. I am not sure what else I could do. Perhaps there is something I missed. Please offer tips, advice, suggestions to fix this problem. It's just strange to me that one day it just stops working.
I hope to be able to enjoy WiiMC and all that it has to offer again very soon. feel free to email me:

Thanks guys for all your help
Best Regards,
Mar 20, 2011

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