I've got two micro-SD cards: one FAT32 (my main 400GB one), and one exFAT (a second, 128GB one).
I can edit XC2's common.bdat file using a BDAT Editor, then use 1.reimport.bat to pack the edited common.bdat file into the 10GB bf2.ard file.

With my 128GB exFAT card, I can then copy over the 10GB bf2.ard file to the card's atmosphere/contents/0100E95004038000/romfs/ folder, and it works every single time; I see my changes reflected in-game.

When I try the same with my FAT32 card (which has that incredibly-stupid 4GB-or-smaller restriction; thanks FAT32), I cannot just copy over the 10GB bf2.ard file; I instead have to run 2.split.cmd to split bf2.ard into a folder with three files inside - two 4GB files (00 and 01) and one 2GB file (02).
When I then copy over the bf2.ard folder to my FAT32 card's atmosphere/contents/0100E95004038000/romfs/ folder and launch the game, NONE of my changes apply.

Why does my console refuse to rejoin those split files? It's incredibly frustrating.
May 6, 2021

2 Answers

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