Error Code: 2168-0002 (0x4a8)
Program: 0100000000000352
Firmware: 10.1.0 (Atmosphere 0.14.4-master-fa0df994)
SD card: 64 GB SanDisk formatted as exFAT

Issue: I've downloaded Eumiibo via the homebrew store and I downloaded AmiigoMod with it as an interface. So I went into Amiigo and downloaded a few amiibo's to try out to see if it would work. After that, I went ahead and restarted my system so that Emuiibo can activate and turn on (I already made a boot2.file, but its a text file since people just kept saying to make that file) but it crashed when I went to use it. So I removed AmiigoMod and Emuiibo via Homebrew Store, reinstalled Emuiibo, and tried using Tesla Overlay instead. I activated autostart and again, restarted my system, and checked Tesla Overlay to see if was active. It was. So I go to the Emuiibo overlay, click it, and it crashes while the overlay is still active. It also says while I open it up that the version is 0.0.0, so that has me a bit concerned. While typing this, I looked in the Emuiibo file (atmosphere/contents/ 01...0352/flags) and the file that I made previously (boot2.flag.txt) is there along with a proper boot2.flag file.

Edit: Using fusee-primary.bin as the payload
Sep 22, 2020

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