elevenism asks:
So, you guys helped me out in august of 2018, and pointed me in the right direction for R4 cards, when i was facing opiate withdrawal and rheumatoid disease, which is happening now. My ds lite is like, my only solace.

I bought like, 5 R4i Gold 3DS Plus cards, and multiple DS lites.

After going on 2 years of enjoyment, they've suddenly ALL started glitching and freezing.

It started on my main DS lite/r4/micro sd. So i tried a different ds, and then another. i opened up a brand new R4 card, (from 2018,) transferred all the data from the micro SD to the computer and onto a new micro sd, and i'm still having the same issues. i also uninstalled, and reinstalled, the kernel.

Does this make sense to any of you guys? what the holy hell is going on here?
Jun 27, 2020

4 Answers

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