Loneoblivion asks:
Hey all, I modded my switch yesterday. Made an emummc partition and everything. I had 2 games installed on my switch before I made an emunand. When I made an emunand, I was able to play those games on sysnand and emunand. However, today it is not letting me. I can load into the game just fine on sysnand. But it give me those error codes when trying to launch the game on emunand. All I did today (to the best of my knowledge) was restore my nands (I don't know why I did this) i used incognito to put my emunand in incognito mode (yes, I backed up my prod infos) then I used lockpick to get a copy of my keys and what not. Does anybody know why this could be happening? Is there a way for me to just revert back to square one as far as restoring backups and deleting stuff off of my sd card to redo everything over again. Something I did today must be messing this up and I would love some help. Thanks in advance.
Dec 11, 2019

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