Where Can I Find MHTri & missing file?

Where Can I Find MHTri & missing file?

Jun 6, 2019
My monster Hunter tri is freezing with the buzz and I don't understand how to fix it is there a video or can someone go slower for me

I think the file is called save game manager but I can't put it on my Wii, to extract my ACNL to my PC

I also can't play my GC games, they use the same files and I was probably editing either the GC games, ACCF, or deleted something. This file usually goes missing when edit GC games and ACCF.

Can Someone help me
Please And Thank You Ever So Much

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  • alivebacon
    Jun 9, 2019
    Use savegame manager gx and look up instructions for it. As for monster hunter, it works with ios223. Look that up.
    the gamecube games need nintendont to run.