What would you do?????

What would you do?????

Jan 10, 2019
I had a New 2DS XL with CFW on it. I did the remove hax thing in GM9, and I reformatted the SD card. Best I can tell it is as good as new. So I sold it on ebay. They guy who got it freaks out on me. First he claims it isn't a New 2DS XL, but a 'regular 3DS'. I explained to him that if it has a right thumb stick, 4 should buttons, and no depth slider, it has to be a New 2DS XL. Then he tried to say it's a counterfeit because it says 'Nintendo 3DS' upon booting instead of 'New 2DS XL'. And 'Nintendo 3DS' when loading a game. I found videos on youtube of New 2DS XL unboxings. I proved that it is normal for it to show '3DS' loading a game. He says it says 'your 3ds is up to date' in the system settings. Duh? I also found an old reddit post where the jury seems to be split on this topic. Some people are saying the 'nintendo 3ds' boot splash is 'evidence' of CFW. Other people are saying that it only is supposed to say 'New 2DS XL' the very first time you start it up.

So what I need to know is... Is it normal for a New 2DS XL to say 'Nintendo 3DS' on the splash loader? Or is this a result of the now uninstalled CFW. Is this guy just turbo trolling? I told him I would give him a refund if he would pay to ship it back to me, but that wasn't good enough for him. So should I stand my ground? He has a working New 2DS XL delivered just as described. What should I do?


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  • KleinesSinchen
    Jan 11, 2019
    First of all: https://www.nintendo.com/3ds
    This says “Nintendo 3DS family of systems” Both the O2DS and the N2DSXL are members of the 3DS family.
    The N2DSXL is essentially a N3DSXL without 3D screen. The splash saying “Nintendo 3DS” when starting a game is perfectly normal. This means: “I’m starting Nintendo 3DS software now.”

    You did not modify the Home Menu to show this splash (and I think it’s part of the game software anyway). If you had indeed modified the Home Menu, uninstalling CFW would most likely have bricked the device (black screens and nothing else).

    The reddit thread you linked… they mixing the game start splash and a splash screen when starting the device altogether (Luma splash). While the later indicates cfw, it says nothing about the model in use. The Luma splash might as well say nonsense like “New Microsoft PlayStation 4DS” or show some manga girls.

    Of course the operating system knows that it is running on a device without 3DS screen (and does not show the 3D calibration inside the settings menu).

    The guy either has no clue what he is talking about or... turbo trolling is a nice phrase.
  • Negatronic
    Jan 11, 2019
    Thank you for the reply. I am sure he has a fully functional N2DS XL. I think I'm picking up what you're saying but to be perfectly clear, a N2DS XL showing 'Nintendo 3ds' on the boot splash is perfectly normal for a vanilla N2DS XL console? Is it normal in the eyes of a Nintendo service tech? Does this guy have any leg to stand on AT ALL in his argument? It would be great to hear from someone with experience with a vanilla N2DS XL. As the screens above show, it does appear that it has a unique boot splash, but I don't know why his system doesn't show it.
  • Owenge
    Jan 11, 2019
    Okay my problem is, if he can play games on it, and it functions like it would, why is he pissed that it counts as a 3ds line of products..... maybe the problem is that he doesn’t know how to look shit up
  • Negatronic
    Jan 11, 2019
    I think you hit the nail on the head.
  • Negatronic
    Jan 13, 2019 at 3:42 PM
    He closed the case yesterday.