So I used choi du jour the other day to upgrade my fw, and things looked like they were successful. It asked for the file, it asked if i wanted it exfat i picked the other option. (wait... does this mean it formatted the console to fat32?) ... so i get to the part where it has to reboot to finish updating and remove the sd card to update the version of reinx i was running. cleared everything off the card. loaded the new files on there and launched the paylod off of the newest version of tegra i could find and then nothing. the splash screen anime girl pops up, then the screen is just black.
i tried reformatting the sd card to exfat and putting the reinx 2.4 loadout back on it but that didn't help.
It gives me more options if i load hekate but i can't get it it passed the splash screen
Dec 8, 2019

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