What could these extension-less files possibly be? [SYSNAND CTRNAND]

What could these extension-less files possibly be? [SYSNAND CTRNAND]

Mar 9, 2018
Booting into GodMode9 (n3ds cfw) and going through:

[1:] SYSNAND CTRNAND > data > *folder with random numbers/letters* > extdata/sysdata > various folders

All of these folders have extension-less files contained in them. What can I do to extract and or decompress the data stored in one of the files? (Example file) Some are worth 10.0 - 200.0 kB, but I've found some that range from 1 MB to about 25 MB. The reason I'd like to explore these files is because I think the data I need may be stored in them (Model data, most notably.)

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  • The Real Jdbye Best answer
    Mar 9, 2018
    That's all your system save data like NNID, friends list, Mii Plaza data, internet browser cache, settings etc. Basically any console specific data belonging to the system apps. I don't think there are any models stored there. Anyway, the data isn't in a specific format, just like savegames it's different from program to program.
  • CeIIophane
    Mar 9, 2018
    Ah, I see. Thank you for the response The Real Jdbye.
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