What can the Switch emulate?

What can the Switch emulate?

Jul 20, 2019
I'm just curious. What is the most recent console that it can emulate?

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  • Cyan Best answer
    Jul 20, 2019
    I didn't try, but some will require the Linux mode.

    home console
    Sony: PS2
    Nintendo: Wii
    sega: dreamcast
    Microsoft: xbox

    Sony: PSP (beta, retroarch core) - PSP (standalone)
    Nintendo: NDS.

    note: hover the console name for links.
    Think of emulators as "it works and it's emulated". Not as "Yeahhh 60FPS emulation in all games!"
  • ChrisYT
    Jul 20, 2019
    @Cyan I know, since emulators require much more power than the actual console.