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Sagento asks:
Anyone recommends a good VPN service?

I'm tired of looking up reviews where the post are either bot generated or are simply written by their own employees trying to promote their VPN services.

So far i've seen the following services as the top three in several websites comparing similar services:

Nord VPN
Private Internet Access

Among these 3 they seem to be suffled around from being the best. Some website rank NordVPN as #1, some ExpressVPN, and even some rank PIA and #1 so who the hell knows which one to get? I know PIA is not the best one to look at but the ratings talk about their speed as one of their perks.

The other websites talk about ExpressVPN being way expensive but faster than NordVPN and better for streaming. So I could say that NordVPN is the in-betweener among the three.

Does anyone have a suggestion?
Nov 30, 2017

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