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JuanMena asks:
Not so long ago, actually last week... I submited an artwork to a certain site.
The site asked me for my Twitter and Instagram account.
Not having any... decided to create one.
But I don't know what the fuck Instagram is used for.

Let me have a brief chat inb4:

- Facebook: Had 3 accounts banned because people reports my art as pornography.
- Twitter: Had 1 account completely banned because... I offended lots of people that are followers of AMLO, the surprisingly fucking stupid son of a bitch piece of shit president of my country.
- YouTube: Got two warnings in less than a month for using the Hall of the Mountain King and Macabre Dance in my videos. One more and they'd took down my account.

- Pinterest: Is nice, because I don't have to interact with real people... I mean, people can't interact with me.
- Facebook: I have my fourth account, using it right now for paid gigs on Comic art... almost got it banned. Last week received a warning, if I get another one they'll delete my account.

- Instagram: Pardon my fucking language... but I see a lot of fugly butterface bi****** posting what seems to be a bad taste in softcore pornography. Jeez... they're far better sites if I want to see that kind of imagery, and trust me, I do. Instagram is something I would definitely avoid if it werent because that particular site asked for my Instagram account.

So... can anyone explain me what the fuck instagram is used for? What can I do with it?
Feb 7, 2020

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    Feb 7, 2020
    Answer deleted: It's posts like these that are considered shitposts