Switching from Gateway emunand to a9lh + luma

Asked by ghry, May 16, 2016 2,182 3

ghry asks:
Hi, I've been looking into a9lh + luma for the last two days and decided to try switching from my Gateway. Since I dont have time to stay up to date its been a while since I've checked the 3ds hacking+homebrewscene. I'm currently running a New3DSXL on 9.0.0E sysNAND with Gateway 10.3 EmuNAND coldlaunched via homemenuhax + bootmanager(not sure which one its been too long). I've read through Plailects Guide and started off by making sys and emuNAND backups via EMUNAND9. Since i have a few cias installed + saves on my emuNAND i'ld prefer to be able to keep those but im unsure how. Do I have to format my sd and make a new redNAND like Plailect Part 3 says or can i somehow use my 10.3 gateway emuNAND? If I follow Plailect when and how would i go about injecting my saves + cias + nnid into the new luma sysNAND.
I can remember seeing something similar to my questions on the forum a few days ago but cant seem to find it anymore.
I'ld be greatfull if someone could help me out or point me to a tut/answer.
May 16, 2016

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