Stay Homebrew-enabled after update/new game from O3DS 10.1

Stay Homebrew-enabled after update/new game from O3DS 10.1

Fat D
Nov 26, 2016

Myoriginal 3DS is currently at version 10.1 and equipped with some good old Ironhax for launching into homebrew. It has lately been collecting dust, but with the launch of that new Pokémon game, I would very much like to get it and play it. And I would like to keep some sort of homebrew entry point, if possible. With Ironhax not supported above 10.3 and Browserhax no longer working on current firmwares either, I fear that I will lose access to any exploits I used to try. The only exploitable games I own a retail copy of are Pokémon AS and Smash, and for the former I would not want my save game compromised if possible, while the latter does not help me without a New 3DS.

Any suggestions on the best course of action?

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  • pbanj Best answer
    Nov 30, 2016
    or you know just downgrade and get cfw and not need to worry about updates ever again
  • Arubaro
    Nov 26, 2016
    I think you could install basehax for 11.2 right now (right now I mean while you're on 10.1), update, and use Pokemon AS as your entrypoint.
    Use svdt or jksm to backup your original pokemon's save.